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Working with Userlane


We're based in Munich, Germany, and have customers ranging from international enterprises to silicon valley startups. Userlane works on establishing interactive guidance as a navigation system for software.

Our mission is to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines. Our technology is being used by millions of people to instantly operate any software without any prior knowledge. If you want to join us on our mission, check our openings!


Hungry People


We know applying for and taking on a new a job at any company requires a leap of faith. Therefore check out some people who tried their luck.


Let’s introduce Veronika! She takes care of everything and everyone here at Userlane! As part of our People Team, Veronika makes sure that Userlaners feel as comfortable at work as they do at home! Veronika was born and raised in Bavaria 🥨 🍻 and lived and worked in Florence for a while🍝 🍷. Veronika and her family also just moved back from Singapore 🍜 🍵! Although her family comes first, she loves getting the best out of living in the countryside: hiking, nature, snowboarding, playing tennis when she can, and taking care of her veggie garden 👩🌾. If you want to meet the lovely Veronika and find a home at Userlane, then explore your options with us 😊. We look forward to welcoming you!


Let’s shine the spotlight on Wilma! She is our Business Development Intern from Konstanz (it’s on the border of Germany and Switzerland). Wilma has also lived in Zurich, Amsterdam, Oxford, and Berlin. Those are some really cool cities! Fun fact: Wilma says she can’t imagine her life without Asian food 🥡 & “Speck”! Her dream is to travel everywhere 🗺🤞 - sounds like a plan! We are excited to have Wilma onboard and happy to hear that work at Userlane means “inspiration” to her🎉🤓. Do you want to work with inspiring people like Wilma from around the 🌎? Then explore your options with us today!


Say 👋 to Dominic, one of our awesome Business Development Managers👨‍💼. Dominic will ensure that Userlane builds strong and exceptional relationships with our customers 🤝! Dominic grew up in Weiler-Simmerberg, a small village near Bodensee, Germany, and one day, he would like to climb Mt. Everest🗻. INSANE!! When he is not in the office, you will most likely find him in his element climbing 🧗‍♂️, swimming 🏊, or performing martial arts🥋. He chose Userlane because working here means CONNECTIVITY to him! How about planning a trip to Mt. Everest with Dominic? Join the Userlane team today and you can! Go check out what’s available - we look forward to having you on our team! 😃


Let's give it up for Katharina, our Head of Finance 👏. Katharina was born and raised near Dortmund in Germany and she has lived in Brisbane 🇦🇺, Innsbruck 🇦🇹, Düsseldorf 🇩🇪 , Hamburg 🇩🇪, Shanghai 🇨🇳, and Barcelona 🇪🇸. Amazing! When she is not working, you will find her in the mountains, doing sports (climbing, hiking, skiing), or catching up with friends for a beer 🍺 at a lake. One day, she would love to visit Iceland 🇮🇸 among many other places on her “travel list.” Katharina joined Userlane because work here means DIVERSITY 🌏 to her. We couldn’t agree more 😊. Why not make Userlane even more diverse and join us today! Apply now! 😃


Let’s all say hello to Michael, our Business Development Manager from Austria 🇦🇹. He loves reading and writing stories 📝and would love to publish his own screenplay one day! We hope it will be soon 🤓👏! Michael’s favorite “food” and a matter close to his heart is cinnamon ice cream 🍦. It actually sounds delicious! We asked Michael what Userlane means to him in one word … His answer? HOME 🏡! Welcome home, Michael!! We are excited to have you here! Want to make Userlane your home too? You can! Apply today!


Everyone say hi to Jonathan, our Entrepreneur in Residence / Head of Strategic Partnerships. Jonathan was born in Starnberg but has lived most of his life in Munich. He also lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts 🇺🇸 and Milan, Italy 🇮🇹. And get this: Jonathan took a 4-month trip around the world 🌍.  How cool! He also co-founded a company that provides shared music rehearsal rooms to bands and solo musicians 🥁. At work, Jonathan is passionate about personal development, business strategies, automation, and the beauty of SaaS. Want to talk about the beauty of SaaS with Jonathan? And are you looking for a new shift in your career? Awesome because we are hiring! 👩🏻💻


Shout out to our seriously cool Customer Success Expert, Maria! Maria comes from Madrid, Spain, but her studies and work experience have given her the awesome opportunity to live in exciting places such as Victoria, Canada 🇨🇦, Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭, and Dresden, Germany🇩🇪. Outside of work, you will find her having a good time dancing to Latino music 💃, bouldering, or doing yoga. She also enjoys watching Rick & Morty on Netflix. And the one place she would love to visit is Formentera (Google it 😉). If you want to learn how to Salsa, then Maria would love to teach you! So why not join our team and send us your application! We look forward to it! 😃


Time to say hi to Kasia 👋, our UX Specialist! Kasia was born and raised in Poland and has spent seven years working and studying in Denmark. In her spare time, she loves all kinds of sports (she used to practice full-contact karate 🥋! You go girl!). Kasia loves hiking in nature, especially here in Bavaria 🏔️. Her ideal travel destination? Hiking and kayaking in Canada while staying far away from bears 🐻 (thank goodness 😉!). Her favorite food? Tacos 🌮. What does Userlane mean to Kasia? CHALLENGE! 💪 Want to practice some karate skills with Kasia? Then why not apply to Userlane today and get your black belt in being awesome 😉.


Let’s all say Servus to Andi! Andi is part of our super cool Engineering team and he is passionate about improving the UX 🚀! Andi is a real Munich native but has also lived in a small town outside of Munich. His biggest hobby is power lifting 💪 and working out in general. If he could visit anywhere in the world right now, he’d probably go to Vancouver 🍁! When he has some free time, he likes to watch American football 🏈and cook a meal high in protein. And what Userlane means to Andi in one word? OPPORTUNITY! Would you also like the opportunity 😉 to work at Userlane with seriously cool people like Andi? Apply today! 👌


Allow us to introduce you to the awesome Alina 😃! She’s part of our Product team and works on feature requests for Userlane to ensure the best UX possible 💪! Alina was born in Kazakhstan but was raised bilingually in Germany. She’s also lived in Berlin and Augsburg but is happy here in Munich! When she has free time, she likes to go hiking in the Bavarian Mountains ⛰️ and read thriller books 📕. And she loves being a cat mom (her one cat is named Khaleesi, we love it 🐈!). If she could choose one place to visit right now, she would choose Mexico! Userlane means PASSION to her and we are happy to hear it! Want to join Alina and get a chance to see photos of Khaleesi (she’s the cutest cat, trust us!)? Then why not join us at Userlane today? Apply and see what’s in store for you! 🙌


Alrighty, let’s meet one of our customer success managers, Thomas! Thomas grew up on a farm near Freising (near Munich airport ✈️). For the first part of his studies, he moved to Deggendorf (you can look it up on a map!) and spent half a year in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa True to his Bavarian roots, Thomas says he can’t live without sausages. He’s also super active and enjoys playing football ⚽, running 🏃, and cycling 🚴. And when he’s not doing sports, Thomas is likely to be watching re-runs of Scrubs on Netflix. What does Userlane mean to Thomas? FREEDOM! Would you like to work with seriously cool people like Thomas? Of course you do! So make sure you apply today! 🌍💻📧👌


Time to introduce Tracey to you 👋! Tracey is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She just completed her Master of Arts degree and wants to get her PhD in English Literature 🤓📚. And what does she do at Userlane? She's on the Marketing team and is responsible for all things related to inbound Marketing, like social media and writing for the blog. She is passionate about writing and being creative and loves to create a positive working environment. When she's not working, Tracey enjoys watching way too much Netflix (currently Taylor Swift's Reputation tour is repeat) and reading (and being a cat mom 🐈!). Keen to join the awesome Userlane team and sing Taylor Swift songs with Tracey around the office? Well, good news, we're hiring! 💪👌


Let’s give a huge hello to Tobias (The Second - we already have another Tobias here 😎). He’s one of our awesome customer success managers! Tobias hails from Saxony but has also lived and worked in Stuttgart. At work, he’s passionate about software and productivity. And when he’s not at work, you’ll find him skiing ⛷️, playing tennis 🎾, or obstacle course racing 😱! His favorite food? Pasta 🍝. Favorite place? Munich (winning). And favorite series? True Detective and Game of Thrones (good choice!). And what Userlane means to him in one word? Future. Are you looking for a future at Userlane too? Yes? Great, because we’re hiring! 😉


Time to introduce the lovely Kim, who comes from a teeny tiny German village near the Dutch border. She’s our UX researcher! Apart from loving to ride her bicycle everywhere 🚴, she loves trail running, climbing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing ⛷️. Some really cool facts about Kim: she spent a year in South East Asia, she loves the feeling of freedom she gets when standing on top of a mountain 🏔️, and she enjoys reading a lot 📖. At Userlane, Kim looks forward to developing an intuitive and beautiful solution that our users love. And what does Userlane mean for Kim: Team spirit. Give us a U, U! Give us an S, S! Give us an E, E! 📣👊 Ok, you know where this is going. Why not add to our team spirit and join us! Apply today! 😃


Meet Haydee (how unique and lovely is her name?!), our super awesome software engineer who is super passionate about JavaScript, building apps, and problem-solving 🤓. Haydee is originally from the Mexico-US border, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. How awesome is that?! She's also lived in San Antonio and did a summer abroad in Florence and a summer internship in Mexico City. And now she's in Germany with us - good choice! In her free time, Haydee enjoys hiking and cooking (she particularly loves eating pizza 🍕!). If you want to join the Userlane family and learn more about how to build apps with Haydee, then what are you waiting for?! We’re looking forward to your application! 👀😃


Hei, terve, moi! That’s Finnish! Why? Because this is Santeri from Finland! He’s our Business Development Manager, and he loves talking to customers from all around the world 🌎. He also loves to create things that people love to use or be in touch with 👏. Santeri has also lived in Amsterdam where he worked for an IT corporation. And what does he do when he's not rocking it at Userlane? Skiing, running, spending time with his girlfriend, studying computer science, and discovering new places ✈️. And fun fact: He says he can't live without eating Apfelstrudel! Santeri is on a mission to build great things with his fellow Userlaners, so why not join Santeri and help Userlane be even greater? Apply today! 👊


Let's give a shout out to the magical Margaret (Maggie for short) 👋 . Maggie comes all the way from Pennsylvania where she grew up on a farm that her ancestors built 300 years ago! Seriously, HOW cool?! But even cooler: she grew up with a donkey named Lollipop and lots of kittens 🐈🐈 . Besides Pennsylvania, Maggie lived in NYC and studied at one of the best journalism schools in the US 🎓. At Userlane, Maggie is an International Business Development Manager, helping us optimise our customers' user experience. Away from the office, you're likely to catch her shopping at flea markets and taking spontaneous weekend trips. Userlane in one word for Maggie? Gaudi (Bavarian for fun 🎉). Keen to join the awesome Maggie and have some 'gaudi' around the office with us? What are you waiting for? Apply now!


Let's give it up for our trainee in Business Development, Niclas 💪! Niclas was born in Berlin 🐻, moved to Weimar when he was six, and then spent some time living in a beautiful village called Annenheim in Austria. He studied in Munich and says he's completely in love with the city. Work wise, Niclas is super interested in the startup scene and how the German economy is growing. And away from work, you're likely to catch him spending time with his girlfriend in some of Munich's awesome beer gardens 🍻. Prost! What does Userlane mean for Niclas? GROWTH. Want to join us at Userlane and grow with Niclas? Yes? Great! Apply now and help our awesome team grow! 👊


Say olá to Marta 👋, our Graphic Design trainee! Marta grew up in Sintra, Portugal, and has lived in quite a few awesome places, like Augsburg in Germany and Teddington in London. She has her Master of Arts in Graphic Design 🎓 and loves to read, draw, and cook. At work, she's passionate about books and illustrations. Marta now calls Munich home and she's looking forward to developing her awesome skills at Userlane 💪. If you want to learn how to speak Portuguese and get some yummy treats (like pastel de nata) from Marta, then come join our team! 😍


Say "hallo!" to Sebastian, an expert in Business Development & Sales. This homegrown Bavarian 🇩🇪 follows leads, makes sales calls, and forms relationships with potential clients. When he's not enjoying an evening out at one of Berlin's techno clubs 🕺🏼, you'll find him hanging out on his parent's farm. Probably reading Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter! He also prefers wine to beer- a deadly sin in Bavaria! 😱We're a judgement-free zone here, but how could you Sebastian?! With 18 younger cousins, Sebastian is no stranger to big families. Now, he's added Userlane to the list! 👨👨👧👦 Want to join the family, too? Apply for an open position today!


Just dropping by to introduce Jonathan! Working in Business Development, he's charged with converting leads into opportunities. Jonathan loves to travel, skis as often as possible, and enjoys watching football. Did we say 'watching'? We meant 'getting angry at'! Jonathan's friends may call him the master of bad jokes, but that's not the only thing he's good at. Jonathan once performed a musical in front of thousands of people! Are you looking to perform a major feat in your career, too? Apply for an open position today!


Hey Daniel 🙋♂️, how's it going? As one of our Engineers, Daniel helps with full-stack-development, backend-architecture, and random side projects 📝. Thanks to Daniel's creativity and ingenuity, each office is furnished with a lightbox that flashes whenever a customer completes a userlane! When he's not making sure the backend fulfills all of its duties in a nice way, Daniel can be found skateboarding the hallways or watering our chili plant 🌶. Having been with us since the beginning, Daniel is THE go-to WiFi handyman. On the constant quest to find a topic he doesn't find interesting, you can talk to Daniel about anything. Looking to spark a conversation with this colleague? Apply for a position today!


Tobias, it's your turn! He left Apple to become our Head of People Operations & Human Resources and handles everything "people-related" here 🤗. When he's not onboarding new employees, you can try to catch him on his Vespa. Tobias loves to ride throughout Munich and explore the city this way 🛵! Although humble, Tobias is basically a celebrity (does fame by association count? 😉). He's hosted many personalities during his time working in the hospitality industry, including President Obama 5 times! Tobias grew up in Germany, but has spent the past 12 years in North America. We're so happy that he decided to return to Munich! Are you also looking to make the move to Munich?


Greetings, Julia! 🙋‍♀️ Our Head of Product Management is in charge of all things planning and product related 📝! If she's not translating customer needs into feature requests, you can find her enjoying the outdoors by biking, diving, or snowboarding. Always up for the healthy dose of competition, Julia once won a limbo dance competition while on vacation in the Caribbean 💃! Seeking entertainment during your workday? Julia's got you covered! Sure to make laugh from dark humor, Julia considers herself specialized in this department 🕵️‍♀️. Sound like someone you'd like to have tea or coffee with?


Time to introduce Ion, our Graphic Designer 👨. Ion is original from Romania and left Amazon for us, where he refined just the right expertise we need to develop our visual brand identity! Because his mother was a chef, Ion is very into cooking 🍳. He doesn't like to cook for just himself, though. Ion's happiest when others enjoy the food he's made- perfect for lunch time! He's actually on a mission to find the best cheesecake in the world. So far, Dstrikt Steakhouse in Vienna is winning 🍮! Ion enjoys getting lost for hours in the many cities he travels to. He even survived for 3 days, without anything, in the Netherlands during Winter. No better way to meet people, experience a culture, and gain an incredible story! 💥Looking to embark on your very own adventure? Apply for one of our open positions today!


Hi there, Yannick! Our Sales & Business Development Manager is a bona fide GDPR expert 🙇♂️. Constantly ensuring our data privacy standards stay up-to-date, he still finds the time to study for two degrees 📚! Yannick enjoys many sports: football, tennis, scuba diving, surfing, and wine drinking. Yes, drinking wine CAN be a sport if you try hard enough! Yannick has always been a great leader- just ask his classmates. He even claimed reign 🤴 over his kindergarten class by sitting on a throne of tires! Looking to gain responsibility over individual projects and develop your own leadership skills? Apply for a position today!


Hey there, Dan! Our Full Stack Software Engineer comes to us all the way from the UK! Sticking true to those British 🇬🇧 roots, Dan loves to enjoy a nice game of badminton during his free time. Some of his other hobbies include playing video games, creating code... and taking care of his kids (can it be a hobby if it’s mandatory 🧐). His biggest accomplishment? He’s not dead yet! 💢 Already the proud father to two, we’re thankful and lucky to have Dan work on Userlane's software solution like his third 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧... Looking to join our growing family, too? Apply for a position today!


Meet Matin, everyone! Coming all the way from Iran 🇮🇷, he’s the Full-Stack Developer who first built the Userlane dashboard. Before coming to Germany, he lived in Malaysia for 8 years and has been working since the age of 17 👶🏽 When he’s not coding, he likes watching gaming streams on Twitch and learning languages- both human and computer! Want to join Matin and the rest of our team? Apply for a position today! 


Say “hallo!” to Michael, native to Bavaria 🇩🇪, he’s been with us since the very beginning. Michi even went to Ikea to buy the office furniture we’re still using today! When he’s not busy studying Business Administration at LMU, you can find him singing to Schlager music at Oktoberfest 🥨 or windsurfing during the summer 🏄🏻♂️ Sound like someone you’d like to work with? Apply for a position today!


Meet our bubbly Customer Success Expert, Mona 💁🏻♀️ She may have been raised in the beautiful Rheingau region 🍇 of Germany, but between Uni and Userlane... she’s found a new hometown here in Bavaria! Her passion to help others has not only aided her volunteer efforts in Romania 🇷🇴, but it also plays a major role in how she guides our customers to achieve their goals. Looking to motivate others and work closely with real customers? Apply for a Customer Success position today!


Meet Lebriz, our Multi-Disciplinary Project Manager ✍🏼 Originally from Istanbul, she’s also lived in the U.S. and is currently completing her Master’s here in Munich 📚 Whether it’s stocking the fridge with 🥐 pistachio baklava or providing sound administrative advice, we can count on her to deliver. Living life by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ she divides her free time between Munich’s many art museums and quality nightlife 💃🏽 Interested in talking business strategy with Lebriz? Apply for one of our open positions today! Link in bio.


Say hi to Sinan, a Full-Stack Developer! Whether it’s supporting AI integration or providing technical support to any department in need, you can always rely on Sinan’s service! Originally from Passau, Germany 🇩🇪 he’s been with Userlane since the very beginning 🙌🏽 His passions? Traveling, solving tricky problems, and cooking homestyle meals. After all, Sinan single-handedly cooked enough goulash 🥘 at this year’s holiday party to feed a small village! Want to discuss navigation software tools with Sinan over leftovers? Apply for a position today!


It’s time for Felix, our Head of Sales and Business Development 👔, to get a shoutout! Felix explores how SaaS companies can grow with us. Because of him, we’re one step closer to conquering the world! Not only does he oversee all sales ops, he’s our office’s fitness guru. Between cycling to work 🚴🏻‍♂️ and training for a half marathon, he’s got his health in check ✅ If you can’t match him physically, find him at any of the local ‘Meetup’ or startup events in Munich! Want to help cheer for Felix as he crosses the finish line? Apply for a position today!


Frederike here! 👋🏼 As one of our Customer Success Managers, she makes sure our clients reach their goals with beautifully built userlanes. Want to chat over chai lattes? Join Frederike! She’s an open book...literally. It only took her one day to reread the entire 📚 Harry Potter series! Not only is she a bookworm, she’s eaten one too. Ok maybe it was a grasshopper 🦗 and maybe it was covered in paprika... but an impressive feat nonetheless! In her free time, you can find her picnicking in the Englischer Garten, hosting a party, or organizing philosophy meet-ups. Ready to delve into deep discussion 🙇🏻‍♀️ with Frederike? Apply for an open Customer Success position today! 


Everyone welcome our Master Frontend 🧙🏻‍♂️ Wizard, Idriss! Although humble, Idriss is a man of spectacular talent. Not only is he skilled in coding the Userlane dashboard, Idriss is an accomplished 👨‍🎤 musician! He’s won piano competitions in the past and even explores music production 🎶 during his free time. Maybe you’ll catch him playing Chopin and Liszt (no DJ tracks!) if you get lucky 🍀 After indulging in junk food during some late night engineering sessions, Idriss still finds the time to get a powerlifting set in! Ready to match this hustle? Apply for an open engineering position today!


Hey there, Renato! Having worked the longest at Userlane, Renato is officially the oldest employee... and head of our welcoming committee! 🌟 If he’s not further developing the product or supporting customers as a software engineer, he’s working on cool side projects. Renato is a proud Dog Dad to his pup, Lilo 🐾 Sometimes, he even surprises the office with quality 🐶 Boston Terrier time... a real treat for us! Having won mathematical olympics and physics contests in the past, Renato is also a bonafide engineering athlete. Looking to learn from someone like him? You simply can’t say no to this São Paulo smile 😇! Apply for an open engineering position today


Give a warm welcome to Johanna, one of our amazing Customer Success Managers! It’s her mission to not only make our customers happy, but also support the entire Userlane team 😸. Her amiable presence lights up any room she’s in, from product meetings to company luncheons. Having visited each continent 🗺, Johanna can connect with every client- no matter their origin! Fun fact: teachers had to use a mirror when reading her work in school. She wrote back-to-front (not left-to-right) the entire time! Despite this confusion ☝🏼, she always provides clear guidelines for our clients. Want to eliminate software complexity with Johanna? Apply for an open position today!


Nice to meet you, Nikolai! Experienced in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, Nikolai is one of our employees with certified OG 🥇status. He’s been with us since the very beginning! Read: he built our office furniture 😅 Last semester, Nikolai studied abroad in France, toured Australia, and even explored New Zealand. Now, we’re glad to have him back 👏🏼! Having recently taken up horseback riding and coding, Nikolai is a man of diverse talent. He’s even won a debate tournament! Ready to join us and explore where your potential lies? Apply for an open position today!


Everyone give a warm welcome to Tatiana, 👱🏼♀️our Customer Service & Success Expert! Having studied educational and cognition sciences, she’s an expert at improving the customer-product experience 🤝. You may find her sailing, bouldering, playing the piano or even knitting around Munich. The other weekend she actually entered the sailing world championship with the only all-female crew (and didn’t place last!) ⛵️🏆 Have a sweet tooth? Tatiana is always fond of sharing some chocolate 😋. Really... what more do you need as an incentive to apply for a position today?!


Let’s say hello, hallo & olá 👋🏼 to Bruno! As one of our Senior Software Engineers, our Brazilian 🇧🇷 native has over 15 years experience in the IT & Business field devolving software and scalable architectures. A true adrenaline buff, he loves snowboarding and skydiving... anything radical and scary, really 😱! Back in Brazil, he even raced speed 🏍 motorbikes. If you’re looking for your next travel mate, Bruno loves to explore new places and always provides great company! He plans to make the most of living in Germany and hopes to tour all of Europe one day. Are you thinking about making a move to Munich, too? Apply for a position today!


Meet Elyse, everyone! She’s our Marketing Manager, but prefers to be called the “Chief Millennial Officer” 💁🏼‍♀️ If she’s not publishing content or monitoring marketing channels, you’ll find her in the kitchen cooking up a vegan meal- avocado is definitely a must! 🥑 Always up for an adventure, she’s been canonying in the Vietnamese waterfalls and has even hiked up Canadian mountain ranges to snowboard all the way down. She may be born and raised in South Florida ☀️, but has found herself learning the local language and attempting to fit in as a Munich native. Sound like someone you’d like to discuss marketing strategy with? Apply for an open position today!


Meet Andy, our Head of Marketing! When he’s not optimizing the marketing strategy and securing leads, you can find him discussing exotic cars, aviation, and music. From landing a spot as Top 100 SaaS Influencer 👨🏻‍💻 to being a sub 30 Rubik’s cube solver (personal best=28 seconds!!), there’s always something new to discover about Andy. He’s even managed to have dinner with a few of his top guitar 🎸 heroes. How cool is that? Finding the greatest team to work with at Userlane, he “can’t wait to wake up every morning and work with such smart and talented people.” Want to have the same feeling towards your career and colleagues? Apply for a position today!

Open Positions


As a proud equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to hiring top talent regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

"At Userlane, everybody is passionate about their work and the culture of personal development, learning and growth is really special here."

Elyse Simek

"What I particularly like about my work is being closely in touch with our customers, helping them make the most out of Userlane."

Johanna Bumiller

"The difference of working in Sales at Userlane is that we can actively see how Userlane makes a difference for our customers and how their work becomes easier, because of our technology."

Felix Brehmer

"I love that at Userlane, I work on creating something radically new and not just optimising a product, that is 20 years old. Knowing that my work has an impact on millions of people is something that feels really special."

Renato Sinohara



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Company Offsites & Events

We think it’s important to get out once in a while, be it a dinner in the city or an offsite in the mountains.

We cook together

We love to sit together, to cook, to eat and to discuss everything from the universe to the fabric of life.

Paid Time Off & Sick Days

Burn out is the number one killer of creativity and productivity, so we encourage our team to take some well deserved time off.

Flexible Working Hours

Life is unpredictable and doesn't always run on schedule. Come in when you're able to do your best work.

Work with the best

The greatest treat for creatives and bright minds is to work with other gifted people.

No Dress Code

You can wear a suit, shorts, hoodies - essentially everything you want. Please don’t come naked.

Continuous learning

Learning is beautiful. This is why you'll have access to all online courses and to our in-house library

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Frequently asked Questions


What is the working atmosphere at Userlane like?

We are a young and dynamic team which is characterised mainly by its start-up atmosphere and high degree of professionalism. The average age is about 27 years old and most of us are fresh graduates or young professionals with 2-3 years of work experience. In a very typical start-up manner we do not use overly formal interactions anywhere throughout the levels of the work hierarchy.

What does a typical work day look like?

The average work day varies from position to position. Userlane has adopted a system of trust-based working hours, but generally you should be in the office during the main working hours. In addition to the typical tasks of the job, each of us also takes parallel smaller projects that are driven completely autonomously and with regular consultation with colleagues.

What are the prospects for personal development at Userlane?

We continually offer various workshops, product training and webinars for our teams. Both technical as well as social skills are trained. In addition, Userlane likes to promote development projects that are suggested by employees. Also, given outstanding commitment, anyone has the chance to adopt a leading role after only a very short time.

Why work at Userlane?

We strive to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines. Basically we build a navigation system so knowledge is available whenever it is needed. We also offer flat hierarchies, free development opportunities and the chance to quickly work independently and free.

What is the corporate language of Userlane?

In addition to the local language of the office English is the main language. Whether knowledge of a certain language is necessary or not, is very dependent on the respective position.