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Intuitive customer support

Offering personal, on-demand support builds loyal, revenue-generating customers. With Userlane you can provide real-time support within any software application. Reduce support ticket volume, and say goodbye to unmanageable customer service costs.
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Real measurable impact

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Your customer’s virtual assistant

When software isn’t intuitive and processes are complex, people raise support tickets and get frustrated waiting for them to be resolved. Provide instant support, and make navigating your software easy and enjoyable and, in turn, benefit from a drastic decline in repetitive requests.

Fuel new feature adoption

Frequently releasing new software features allows you to stay competitive but makes it hard for your users to keep up. Improve your engagement rates by targeting specific user groups with Announcements about releases, new features, and the latest improvements, directly within your software application.

Actionable software adoption insights

With our customer support software’s Analytics Dashboard, you get powerful data on feature and process adoption. Understand how users interact with your software, see which content people engage with, and make improvements to the customer experience in seconds.


Why companies choose Userlane

Initially, as we were deciding on the Digital Adoption Platform, we chose Userlane as the most promising solution, and we got it right! With Userlane, we’ve got a universal solution to complement our customer support strategy; while navigating through a new process directly in the system, the customer actually gets to complete the task while following the guide. This is extremely helpful for us.
by Peter​ van Os, Product Owner Digital Sales, Dutch Flower Group
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Experts from EY and Userlane have worked together to create this guide. It unites the latest L&D thinking so you can make the most of your technology investment. According to…

Make your software customer-centric

Upgrade your customer’s experience with on-demand support. See how with Userlane’s digital adoption platform.