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What is App Discovery? Learn directly from our Head of Product

What is App Discovery? Learn directly from our Head of Product

Navigating a maze of enterprise software can be daunting. We sat down with Doris Langenberg, our Head of Product, to discuss how App Discovery within a digital adoption platform (DAP) can make a world of difference. Here’s what she had to say.

Let’s start with the basics: What is App Discovery and why should companies care about it?

They should absolutely care about it! App Discovery is a feature within our product that helps you assess the software landscape in your organization by revealing the applications your employees actually use.

Think of each app as a puzzle piece in a bigger picture. If your team doesn’t know how these pieces fit together, you’re missing out on the full potential of your technology investments. That’s why App Discovery is so crucial; it provides you with the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Can you break down how Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform actually works?

Of course. It’s a three-step process: 

First, reveal and monitor application usage.

Second, understand and analyze that data. 

And finally, improve and make informed decisions. 

It’s straightforward but powerful.

Monitoring sounds a bit like Big Brother. Can you expand on that?

It’s not about keeping tabs on people. It’s about understanding your digital environment. Our browser extension tracks which apps are in use, how often, and by how many users. That information is vital for any organization aiming to optimize its software investments.

Once the data is gathered, how does a company make sense of it?

This is where the Userlane HEART analytics come in. Look at user engagement rates, frequency of app usage and retention, and understand how well the app is adopted by users. With those insights, you can refine your digital adoption strategies to better serve your employees.

After analyzing, you act on it. Through Userlane’s Engagement Suite, you can improve individual metrics by providing targeted in-app help and guidance to your employees.

What can companies hope to gain by implementing App Discovery?

Three main things. One, you uncover hidden value in your existing tech stack. Two, you improve user experience and satisfaction. And three, you optimize your software investments. So, you’re not just cutting costs—you’re driving value.

This has been really insightful, Doris. Any last thoughts?

We built App Discovery to give you a road map to a more effective digital workspace. With almost no effort, you can switch the lights on and reveal your entire software estate,  turning a confusing jumble into a well-oiled machine. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

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Doris Langenberg
About the author:
Doris Langenberg is the Head of Product at Userlane, helping organizations adopt software applications easily and efficiently. She has been working in Userlane for over 3 years.