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PERI Group drives CRM efficiency with Userlane’s HEART

PERI Group drives CRM efficiency with Userlane’s HEART

Are your software investments delivering value?

PERI Group, a global formwork and scaffolding manufacturer, adopted Userlane’s HEART analytics to do just that. With the HEART metrics, they have been able to gain visibility into the adoption and usage of their CRM roll-out.

Several years ago, PERI decided to invest in a CRM tool, specifically Microsoft Dynamics. However, due to their specific requirements, they had to customize the tool extensively and therefore demanded significant time and resources from the IT team. Now, as the CRM implementation nears completion, PERI Global is preparing to utilize the tool to its full maturity level in decentralized sales subsidiaries.  

We spoke with Dr. Mehrnaz Karimi, Expert Sales Project and Systems at PERI Group to learn more.

Having relied on in-house on-premise tools to support over 10,000 employees, our IT department was investing a significant amount of time in debugging and maintaining these solutions. To streamline our operations, we began searching for cloud-based solutions, including, ECM, and CPQ.

As part of the strategy to streamline operations and move to cloud-based solutions, PERI needed to measure its adoption KPI’s to understand to what extent applications were being used. Therefore, they selected Userlane as their trusted supplier and consultant.

After investing in MS Dynamics at PERI SE, it became evident that we lacked visibility of our user’s adoption in certain areas. Recognizing the need to address gaps and employee challenges, Userlane’s HEART has proven invaluable in providing the clarity and assistance we required.

Userlane’s HEART Analytics is the world’s first standardized model to measure Digital Adoption across enterprise software applications. 

With HEART, users can measure the success of digital transformation initiatives across their organization by tracking application usage, software adoption, common support requests, and employee experience. 

With Userlane’s HEART analytics, we have seen strong engagement within the H (Happiness) aspect, pinpointing areas where employees sense gaps and struggle within the system. This knowledge empowers us to address their concerns effectively and make our CRM as simple as possible for them.

By utilizing the NPS score, PERI has identified areas where employees sense gaps within the system. With this feedback they are able to proactively address areas where the software can be made more user-friendly and less of a hindrance. 

Additionally, through the Happiness score, PERI has improved communication among its 1,290 users. They achieved this by tailoring and segmenting survey questions based on employees’ geographical locations.

With Userlane HEART’s A (Adoption), we can assess the application usage and establish benchmarks, empowering us to detect areas of improvement. Additionally with T (Task Success), we can pinpoint how employees engage with specific processes in the application. Thanks to Userlane’s HEART analytics, we are able to maximize the impact of our software spend.

This data-driven approach enables PERI to make informed decisions, thereby helping streamline costs by adjusting licenses, providing targeted training, and delivering essential support as needed.

NPS Analytics

We rolled out Userlane’s HEART Analytics to monitor the usage and adoption of our CRM tool, MS Dynamics. This has given us insights into adoption gaps and employee satisfaction, helping us better understand the software’s effectiveness and to ensure that the return on investment is met.


PERI Group has implemented Userlane’s HEART analytics to assess the value of their software investments, particularly their CRM tool (Microsoft Dynamics). By utilizing Userlane’s HEART Analytics, PERI has gained visibility into the adoption and usage of their CRM system, allowing them to proactively address concerns and enhance employee satisfaction. This data-driven approach enables PERI to make informed decisions, optimize software spend, and ensure a strong return on investment in their CRM tool.

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