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Protect your investment in Dynamics 365

Protect your investment in Dynamics 365

Nick Huener, Senior Account Manager, ORBIS
Nicholas Huener came to ORBIS from Microsoft where he was a Dynamics 365 specialist. Now Senior Account Manager, he has enjoyed a long-standing career in the IT industry.

With over 850 employees, ORBIS SE has serviced over 1,000 clients and is synonymous with digital change. They advise, integrate, optimize and automate customer processes and are a Microsoft Gold partner and SAP Gold Partner.

In the words of Nick Huener: “Our clients love Dynamics 365 and trust it to accelerate business results. It is Microsoft’s unbeatable portfolio of intelligent business applications, modern workplace, data & AI and application & infrastructure that can run your whole organization while boosting better results. These solutions standardize IT, sales, service and marketing processes across an enterprise and mid-market companies by providing a single point of truth through a 360-degree view of their customers and all relevant interactions”.

The PLATFORM is powered by predictive, AI-driven insights and, when the suite of applications is fully integrated, organizations can see all their customer and business data in one place, share and communicate it across business lines.

A highly popular solution is Omnichannel for Customer Service. This allows agents to offer support over numerous social media, chat and custom messaging channels. Other popular features include queue routing, sentiment analysis and virtual agents.

The worry of undynamic adoption

Though (or perhaps because) Dynamics 365’s applications are so cutting-edge, digital adoption of the platform often suffers from familiar issues. Not all users are willing to change and don’t use software to its best advantage. They might be resistant or simply lack the required professional training. Whatever the reason, they prevent the business from leveraging full productivity and achieving the initial objectives expected with the implementation of an (expensive) new platform.

And adoption challenges don’t stop when the software is fully rolled-out across the organization. Frequent user adaptation is needed due to continuous updates and new releases. As a rule, people aren’t trained during one of these updates. But wise clients will have us manage change to improve project success and/or organizational agility, increasing engagement, maximizing productivity and bringing down costs.

Happily, digital adoption is a process with well-known issues which can be predicted, managed and mitigated.

For best practice digital adoption and to increase engagement, here are the top three things ORBIS recommends organizations think about.

Enhance support experience

If people get frustrated, they are understandably less liable to want to train. To raise user satisfaction, consider introducing a ticket system, providing info about known bugs, and seeking feedback on how the process is going.

Improve data quality

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the wrong information at your fingertips when you are doing something you might not want to. Make sure everything is up-to-date, accurate and located where it should be.

Reduce change risk

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. Make sure to keep track of the overall digital transformation goals. We set some of these out below.

Digital transformation goals to keep you on track

Empowering employees

As change managers know, employee motivation and skills are critical for organizational transformations. Digital transformation is no different.

Engaging customers

Your customer base is everything. Meeting their changing expectations is a very real requirement that digital transformation will support – if done right.

Optimize operations

Before you think about updating your software, think about internal processes and the state of your digital transformation. IT infrastructure modernization is one of the best ways that digital transformation can help improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Services and products

Investing in innovation is one of the best ways to fuel success. It helps organizations improve their market position, capture more revenue, and stay at the cutting edge.

To improve success rate, think of the users

ORBIS highly recommends digital adoption platforms (DAPs) as a supplement to real-time support. They are quick to create, automated and offer contextual help so users don’t take media breaks or get distracted during the learning process.

What would be your one piece of advice for mastering digital adoption?

If you are investing in digital transformation, digital adoption should be considered substantial investment protection, helping to improve and increase user experience. And they are the ones who will be bringing that strategy to fruition.

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