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Software Adoption

Software adoption, made easy

Give your people the power to master every new process, tool, and application instantly. Then sit back and watch your software adoption rates grow.
Software adoption

Real measurable impact

decrease in support requests
increase in software ROI
increase in user engagement
Advance software adoption

As businesses focus on digital transformation, employees can easily feel overwhelmed by the frequency of new software and new processes they need to learn. Userlane’s digital adoption platform makes the learning curve effortless, acting as a GPS that helps users navigate through any process or task with in-app interactive Guides.

Drive and track engagement

Userlane replaces your outdated training manuals that end up being forgotten. Announce updates, promote training content, and collect survey data without disrupting your employees’ focus – Userlane works directly within any web-based application.

Intuitive learning, fewer tickets

When employees struggle with complex new processes, your IT and help desk support team deal with mounting pressure. Make all guidance, information, and support channels accessible across every software application with Userlane.

Why companies choose Userlane

With Userlane, we are able to take users by the hand and show them how to achieve certain tasks step-by-step in our software. This way, we can make our training really engaging by combining the interactive guides with the theoretical parts, which we offer via videos.
by David Jeggle, Head of Academy, Celonis
decrease in effort to update training content
course completion rate
Investing and rolling out new software is one of the many responsibilities that CIOs must manage. The complex task comes with challenges however, and getting employees to use the software…

Make your software easier to adopt

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