Enabling your employees to navigate any software instantly

Immediate software adoption with in-app interactive guidance.

Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform supports your goals when it comes to:
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Employee Experience

Drive motivation and engagement

Give your employees the support they need with constant performance support.

  • A smart Virtual Assistant

    With Userlane, you can provide your employees with a modern learning experience that occurs directly in the applications they need to use, whenever they use them.

  • A gamified experience

    Userlane has been designed to drive engagement and motivation with step-by-step contextual support. Create personalized discovery journeys, provide on-demand support, actively help employees with complicated digital processes, and reward them for their progress.

employee experience


of new information learned is forgotten within a month

“The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows that 90% of what people absorb during training is forgotten in less than a month. This is why employees require constant performance support instead of occasional training sessions. Constant performance support ensures that every interaction each employee has with a new technology turns into a microlearning experience.
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IT Proficiency

Transform every employee into a digital native

One of the main challenges connected to software adoption is time spent learning. Adapting to new processes doesn’t happen overnight. With Userlane, complex processes are simplified, making software adoption a smoother and more logical process.

  • From beginner to expert

    Userlane makes it easy for employees to become highly proficient in a new software application from the start, allowing you to speed up time-to-competency during training.

  • Lower resistance to change

    With interactive guidance, employees can’t make procedural mistakes. They’ll know what they have to do at all times and the transition to new software is smooth and immediate.


increase in employee effectiveness with Userlane

“Participants proved to be up to 5 times more effective with Userlane enabled on Jira. The effect was particularly remarkable for new employees who were only exposed to little to no previous training on Jira. Despite the lack of formal onboarding, they achieved 100% feature and software adoption.
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feature adoption

Feature Adoption

Ensure your employees master every application from day one

To discover the full potential of software, users need to have access to advanced features and customization options.

Contextual support

You can provide interactive training tours that gradually expose employees to complexity in different chapters. Employees can also go back to the Virtual Assistant and be guided through the same processes again and again.  

Proactive support

You can also launch guides proactively as soon as your employees access a particularly complicated section of a software solution. This will drive engagement and make sure that everyone has access to the most advanced features that usually go unnoticed.

Software ROI

Maximum productivity in software

  • No more unproductive time

    With interactive guidance, training happens in real-time while people use software and accomplish tasks. 

    Every penny you invest in software automatically translates into higher performance.

  • Higher user adoption

    Encourage your employees to explore and interact with all the available features for immediate ROI.

software roi
“The benefits an organization plans to realize from a new software will not materialize until users have embraced and are productive with new applications and processes.
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