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We understand what your business needs to drive digital adoption, we then build a custom plan that works for your goals, and your budget.
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Get a custom plan, tailored to your business

Our goal is to make Userlane easy to buy with straightforward pricing plans, custom-built for each business.

What’s included

User engagement and guidance
Interactively assist your users within software
Unlimited in-app guides, tooltips, and announcements
Content creation engine
Customizable in-app widget
Full design customization
Smart audience targeting
Support channels integration
Multi-language support
Multiple hosting options
No-code integration
Analytics and reporting
Uncover game-changing insights
Custom audience analytics
User adoption analytics
Platform Reporting
HEART analytics
Advanced API access
Security and compliance
Protect your users and safeguard your organization
GDPR compliance
SSO and 2FA certification
ISO 27001 certification
Accessibility certification
Regional data residency
Role-based access control
An award-winning support team to help you every step of the way
Multiple support options
Dedicated Customer Success team
Strategic adoption guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Just reach out to get a guided trial of our software, the best way to see how Userlane could drive digital adoption at your business. Our Customer Success team will help you build the first guides for your application and get confident with Userlane.

Once you’re convinced by Userlane, choose from a range of scalable pricing tiers, with a plan tailored to your business priorities.

Yes. Userlane follows the strictest global privacy regulations. We are GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001-certified.

We store all our customer data in Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. On the Userlane platform, you can choose where you’d like your data to be stored with our data residency and hosting solutions.

It’s super easy to switch to Userlane. Our dedicated support team is ready to help you with the migration. Just reach out to get started!

Companies that love Userlane

"Intuitive and impact driven"
"I like how simple the creation can be with the very smooth UX of the back-end. Many people learn by doing and not just simply reading guides so this adds a very unique kind of learning content to our portfolio. The analytics are a great touch too so that we can gauge the performance of different guides and announcements."
Source: G2
by Paulina de los Santos, Digital Communications and Platform Manager, Allianz
"Userlane are one of the most user focused we have worked with"
"Userlane helps us onboard new users to our financial applications. They support our users in undertaking complex tasks by 'holding their hand' through the process. This benefits us by reducing tickets to our support desk and lowering the need for classroom training. Help is contextual with Userlane - it's there when you need it."
Source: G2
by Anna Singer, Director of UX, Aptitude Software
"The best SaaS Onboarding software on the market"
"Userlane is very well designed and the editor works with all browsers and is extremely user-friendly. They're also a great bunch of people committed to their product, but more importantly, to the success of their customer: us! That's pretty rare to find these days; many companies say it, but not many practise it! Well done!"
Source: Capterra
by Alex Knight, Marketing Director, CarVue
"It was a good choice!"
"As much as a very good tool, we liked the approach of Userlane. Professional, contact and flexible approach, and above all, quickly reacting. Quick response to e-mail and immediate appointments helped a lot in the rhythm of our cooperation. Many solutions use the slogan "user friendly", but this is not always true! It was different with Userlane."
Source: Capterra
by Karol Kozlowski, Project Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Unsure whether Userlane is the right solution for you?

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