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Strategic collaboration between Jabil and Userlane

Strategic collaboration between Jabil and Userlane

Strategic collaboration between Jabil and Userlane targets improved procurement technology adoption and spend transparency.

  • Strategic Collaboration: Userlane, a leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provider, and Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider, have announced a strategic collaboration to enhance procurement technology adoption and transparency.
  • Addressing Procurement Challenges: This collaboration aims to tackle the challenges of procurement to drive adoption, spend transparency, and user support, while moving at the pace of change in today’s technology landscape. By combining Jabil’s extensive experience in procurement with Userlane’s expertise in digital adoption, the partnership offers seamless solutions tailored to the needs of procurement teams. 
  • Joint Market Approach: Together, Userlane and Jabil will provide DAP implementation support, as well as customized solutions designed to maximize procurement software investments. This initiative is set to drive efficiency and innovation in procurement technology, demonstrating the shared vision of both companies to improve digital adoption globally.

9th April, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, Munich, Germany Userlane, a leader in Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), and Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider announces a strategic partnership.

This collaboration aims to transform procurement by addressing key challenges in technology adoption and data transparency.

Jabil, recognized for its comprehensive experience in procurement, identifies a gap in technology adoption leading to reduced data transparency and challenging user support in a world of digital learning. By joining forces with Userlane, this partnership will directly address these challenges, offering solutions for seamless technology adoption and user guidance at point of need.

“In the evolving landscape of procurement, the imperative to adapt is not just about adopting new technologies, but about doing so with clarity and purpose. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) like Userlane are at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring innovation is accessible and effectively communicated to the user community at their point of need.” said Heidi Banks, Vice President of Indirect Procurement at Jabil. 

Userlane and Jabil will jointly approach the procurement market, with Userlane providing the Digital Adoption Platform and Jabil providing the implementation support. Both companies together will provide custom solutions allowing customers to maximize their software investments, tailored to their unique procurement needs. 

“Jabil stands out in the field with unparalleled expertise in procurement technology and digital transformation strategies. Their deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the procurement sector makes them an ideal partner for us at Userlane. Together, we are set to redefine the standards of digital adoption in procurement, driving efficiency and innovation across the board,” said Hartmut Hahn, CEO of Userlane,

This collaboration represents a shared vision between Userlane and Jabil, focused on improving digital adoption in procurement technology to benefit businesses worldwide.

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