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Digital Employee Experience

Remove digital friction

Userlane improves Digital Employee Experience by identifying and eliminating friction. Increase employee productivity and happiness by removing any usage barriers.
Learning new software

Real measurable impact

higher user satisfaction
higher software adoption
increase in user engagement
Learn intuitively, anytime, anywhere

Increase your team’s productivity, improve your digital employee experience, and free up your people’s most valuable resource: time. Userlane’s interactive, step-by-step Guides, lead your employees through relevant workflows and provide intuitive on-demand assistance.

Quick and easy access to support

Empower your people to be self-sufficient and dramatically reduce the number of repetitive support tickets putting additional pressure on your IT and help desk team. Connect all your learning materials with the Userlane Assistant so that your interactive content and support resources are accessible at all times.

Measure, understand, improve

Measure the success of digital transformation initiatives across your organization by tracking user behavior across software applications. Improve productivity and the employee experience based on hard usage data.

Why companies choose Userlane

The fact that we can easily adjust, modify, and change the step-by-step guides makes it possible for us to move very quickly. Sometimes the suppliers ask us for manuals, and we can now instantly help them out with Userlane, which makes the whole support effort much more efficient.
by Markus Menth, IT Manager, Linde Engineering
decrease in training costs
faster onboarding of suppliers
decrease in support requests
In today's interconnected global economy, enterprises must consistently leverage technology to remain competitive. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) serve as catalysts in this initiative, offering structured support as businesses evolve their…

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