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Change Management

Help employees engage with change

Userlane’s digital adoption platform empowers everyone to engage with change, helping employees learn how to use new software intuitively and clearly highlighting your opportunities to increase software adoption rates.
Employees learning software

Real measurable impact

faster software rollout
higher user satisfaction
decrease in time-to-value
Learn at pace

Swap intensive training that people forget for Userlane’s intuitive, effortless step-by-step Guides. Engage your people with new processes and tools directly within software applications, and communicate important information in real-time.

Improve productivity

It’s difficult for your employees to stay motivated and productive when they get overloaded by a constant stream of workflow changes. Free up employee time by providing instant access to guided workflows and automated support within any application.

Track change

See the impact of recent changes and understand how to optimize the user experience. Improve the delivery of your change management initiatives by analyzing the requirements of real users and understanding common stumbling blocks.

Why companies choose Userlane

Userlane proved to be even more powerful than we initially thought it would be! The platform is extremely easy to use; it takes less than five minutes to create interactive content and make it available to all users across our organization directly in the system. Our employees’ productivity improved significantly; they feel confident working with the software. And we finally have full visibility and transparency on the usage of our software applications.
by Norman Läzer , Global Head of Engineering Excellence Electronics, HELLA
decrease in training costs
reduced training time
higher user engagement
Investing in new software is just the first step. Successful implementation and onboarding employees to use the new software is the next step. More and more companies are investing in…

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Have confidence that you’re changing for the better. We’ll show you how with Userlane’s digital adoption platform.