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Customer Onboarding

Less frustration, faster onboarding

Improve trial conversions and retain more customers. With Userlane’s digital adoption solution, customers realize the full potential of your software application from day one.
Customers using software

Real measurable impact

higher customer retention
increase in trial-to-paid conversion rate
reduction in onboarding time
Reduce customer support pressures

A manual customer onboarding process drains your resources, frustrates your customers, and overloads your support team. Create personalized interactive step-by-step Userlane Guides that lead users through workflows, directly within the application and reduce the number of repetitive questions your customers need to ask.

Adapt and optimize each onboarding journey

Often, customers get stuck using the same few features and forget what they first learned about your platform. With Userlane’s customer onboarding solution, you can tailor communications for different user segments, guiding them through the tasks and processes they’re most likely to need help with.

Keep user engagement high

Create and improve training content in minutes to proactively engage with users. Announce updates, start surveys, and promote new features, directly in the application. Enrich content with videos, images, GIFs, and links to external sources.

Why companies choose Userlane

Ninox is No-Code/Low-Code, but as any software application it takes some time to get used to, and people need some help learning the skills to get the most out of their trial. With Userlane, we are seeing people getting underway with more ease and reaching the point where they are more likely to convert.
by Varun Modi, Product Manager, Ninox Software
engagement rate by trial users
adoption rate by paid audience
higher customer retention
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Get everyone on board

With Userlane, you don’t just onboard your customers. You earn their loyalty. See how today.