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Userlane helps your business reduce operational risk in Salesforce. Empower every user with the full value of Salesforce.
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Real measurable impact

higher software ROI
higher employee productivity
fewer support tickets

What our customers experience

"Great software and customer-centric company"
"Userlane Software is beautifully designed, whether using it as an admin or a user I find it easy to navigate and enjoyable to use. The Userlane team are amazing to work with, they take our feedback seriously and continuously implement changes and improvements to the product. "
Source: G2
by Anthea Kirk, Product Manager, Allianz
"Very powerful product"
"The best thing about Userlane is its simplicity. And I mean it in the best possible way. While Userlane improves its main features and is adding only very carefully selected functions, its competitors are adding more and more functions to their products which is increasing the complexity exponentially. Linde Engineering is using it on SAP Fiori platforms as well as various other web applications."
Source: G2
by Markus Menth, IT Consultant, Linde Engineering
"Perfect DAP solution - with fast improvements and good service"
"Userlane was set-up easily for our internal tool landscape. The handling to create guides is smoothly working; if open topics appear the individual support from Userlane experts was fast. Also, the proactive and regular release of new functionalities leads to a dynamic environment to directly support our internal tool activities and rollouts. "
Source: G2
by Dr. Malte Ortgiese, Head of Global Engineering Academy Electronics, HELLA
"Great tool, great help with the introduction of new applications"
"Less training is needed, there are fewer/no questions about how to use the system. We use Userlane for our CRM system (SAP C4C) and intranet (SAP Jam). We no longer have printed manuals, which in case of doubt are no longer up to date after 2 months. We can quickly and easily adjust any process step and users can see it immediately."
Source: G2
by Katarina Sobko, IT Project Manager, Inapa Deutschland

Accelerate employee productivity

Reduce time-to-productivity by leading your users through complex Salesforce workflows with contextually relevant in-app guidance. Keep employees updated on new processes with in-app Announcements and create helpful contextual hints with Tooltips.

Reduce your Salesforce support costs

With Userlane, you can accelerate employee learning and reduce support costs. Offer 24/7 self-service support, directly within the Salesforce application, and give your users access to an instantly searchable knowledge base that pulls from all of your existing content sources.

Improve your Salesforce data quality

Bad data quality results in lost revenue, inefficient sales forecasting, and poor decision-making. Userlane is your employees’ virtual assistant, helping them input accurate, consistent, and complete data, even when they’re working through new and complex processes.

CRMs have rapidly evolved from databases. Now often a “digital Rolodex” to many organizations’ single source of truth. AI tools also have the potential to provide actionable insights and predictive…

Maximize your employees’ productivity

Make your employees more productive, engaged, and fulfilled. We’ll show you how.