HEART analytics

Measure, understand, improve

Userlane’s HEART analytics allows you to measure the success of digital transformation initiatives across your organization by tracking user behavior across software applications.
A global automotive supplier gained a strategic tool to observe, measure and improve transformation initiatives
Maximizing the ROI of a global enterprise software rollout
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The HEART framework:

Happiness of employees

Measure employee sentiment across all applications and gather real user feedback to identify and resolve points of frustration.

Engagement and productivity

Analyze usage of all applications in real time and discover how to unlock the full potential of your software.

Adoption measurement

Set and measure adoption targets based on the percentage of users who have adopted the application to maximize the impact of your software spend.

Retention of users

Boost productivity and help your people form meaningful habits by tracking the percentage of users who continue to use the application over time.

Task success

Track the task completion rate for all vital application processes, uncover and mitigate critical process risks.

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What our partners say

"Ensuring analytics are easy to understand"
"At PwC, we believe that application analytics such as HEART expand the use case of a DAP significantly. It is no longer just about user enablement, we will now be able to work with CIOs to understand if applications within their system are actually being used as they are intended. What’s more, Userlane is keeping things true to what they stand for, by keeping things simple and ensuring the analytics are easy to understand."
by Wolfgang Hufnagel, Senior Management Consultant Digital Adoption, PwC
"Key to successful digital transformation"
"With HEART, we can see the health & adoption rate of our applications, all at a single glance, based on direct user data. It will become a new benchmark to drive, scale and measure software adoption to improve company-wide digital transformation efforts. This way CIOs and leaders can make informed decisions about digital transformation investments."
by Wannes Van der Perren, Business Consultant, SMART.Business team, Tobania

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