The Userlane customer research community

At Userlane, we work towards a common mission: Making work in this world a little simpler, faster and fun for everyone. Join us on this journey and help us make every in-app interaction easy, effective and enjoyable for your software users.
Creating a working environment where employees feel motivated

Community member benefits

Own your impact
An exclusive opportunity to take a sneak peak at individual features while they are still in development. Test them and share your views with us.
Shape the roadmap
Got an idea for our product that would solve a huge problem for you or help increase your productivity? Go ahead and let us know!
Exclusive goodies
We regularly reward our dedicated members for their contribution! For instance, you may receive merchandising items or online gift vouchers.

Become part of something bigger

About community

The purpose of the research community is to give our customers the opportunity to actively participate in the design of new functionalities within Userlane. As a member of our research community, you will be able to get early access to our newest features, share your feedback and help us to better tailor product updates to your needs prior to release!

Become a member

In general, all Userlane customers can apply to join the Userlane customer research community. The only prerequisite is that you are an active Userlane user within your organization. The research activities may include questionnaires, usability and beta tests, interviews and maybe even a visit to your workplace.

Once you joined

Once you become a member of the Userlane community, our product team will inform you about all upcoming research activities via email. We will introduce to you the research topics, including initial information, agenda and time frame. If you’re interested in contributing to a topic or two, we will book an appointment with you at your convenience.

Depending on the research topic and the number of interested participants, we may not be able to get in touch with you every time, but we will do our best to keep you involved as much as possible.

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