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The power of Userlane

The Userlane platform is designed to make any software application easy to use by guiding people through processes in real-time and offering on-demand support directly within applications.

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Analyze adoption, optimize experiences

Get a real-time view of digital transformation progress in your organization. Delve deeper into user behaviors across different applications and analyze engagement levels so you can optimize user experiences.


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Engage employees

Uncover and mitigate critical process risks, maximize productivity and help your people form meaningful habits by providing guidance through any process or application. Integrate data, support channels, and documentation into one source of truth, instantly accessible from any software application.

What our customers say

For HELLA, introducing Userlane was an important step in creating an entirely new digital mindset and injecting new ways of communication, engagement, self-learning, as well as enriching and sharing knowledge across the organization.
by Dr. Malte Ortgiese, Head of Global Engineering Academy Electronics, HELLA
Initially, as we were deciding on the Digital Adoption Platform, we chose Userlane as the most promising solution, and we got it right! With Userlane, we’ve got a universal solution to complement our customer support strategy; while navigating through a new process directly in the system, the customer actually gets to complete the task while following the guide. This is extremely helpful for us.
by Peter​ van Os, Product Owner Digital Sales, Dutch Flower Group
With Userlane, we are able to take users by the hand and show them how to achieve certain tasks step-by-step in our software. This way, we can make our training really engaging by combining the interactive guides with the theoretical parts, which we offer via videos.
by David Jeggle, Head of Academy, Celonis
The fact that we can easily adjust, modify, and change the step-by-step guides makes it possible for us to move very quickly. Sometimes the suppliers ask us for manuals, and we can now instantly help them out with Userlane, which makes the whole support effort much more efficient.
by Markus Menth, IT Manager, Linde Engineering
Interactive performance support proved to be a valid solution to all the challenges Deutsche Bahn encountered connected to change management and software applications. Users felt confident using Jira and weren’t experiencing any frustration navigating the app.
by Training Manager, Deutsche Bahn

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