Instant software adoption, instant results

Userlane onboards employees and customers faster, reduces support tickets, and increases user satisfaction.

Free consultaTION

Scalable and results-driven

No matter how many people need to be trained or supported, Userlane has got you covered.

Saves time

Our interactive guides outperform traditional training and support methods, such as manuals or videos, by far. This means more time for getting stuff done.

Fast and flexible

Whether you’re introducing new software or staying with your existing one, Userlane runs on any browser-based application and is implemented quickly.

Unique interactive experience

Userlane covers a wide range of user interactions. Whether it’s dragging and dropping an element into a list or releasing a click on a button, you're free to explain your processes in your own unique way.

Learning by doing

We didn't learn how to ride a bike by reading a PDF about it. We hopped on and took it for a ride. This is how Userlane guides your software users in real time through each task, allowing them to familiarize themselves with new processes at their own pace. 

Contextual support

Proactivley support your users before they feel the need to reach out with questions. Interactive guides are intuitive and provide support regardless of previous software knowledge.

Rest assured with strict security and compliance standards

Userlane was founded in Germany, which means security and privacy aren't just features for us - they're ingrained in our culture. Our first customers were banks and insurance companies, meaning the whole architecture is based on data-blindness, compliance, GDPR regulations, and maximum data security.

GDPR compliance

At Rest encryption

Data center in EU regions only

Hosting in Europe via Microsoft Azure®

Data center ISO 27018

Data center ISO 27001

Data frugality

Data in transit transport encryption

Unleash the full potential of your software

Increase the return on your software investment by making sure that your users leverage its full potential. Reduce the time spent on asking questions, browsing the help docs, or asking google for help.

Increase Sales productivity with
Digital Adoption Solutions

"Digital adoption solutions can provide high value to an organization looking to improve adoption of existing tools. Performing tasks more quickly can lead to new sellers becoming fully productive faster. Tenured sellers will be able to focus more on selling than execution of tasks and providing the best path through accomplishing tasks resulting in elimination of manual and 'offline' data input and tracking."

Unleash your enterprise’s full potential with Userlane

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