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serviceminder goes live with Userlane in just four weeks

In just four weeks, serviceminder, a CRM/Operations software platform,  successfully implemented Userlane, driving a significant positive impact on user experience and support.

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We needed to get our materials live as soon as possible, and working with the Userlane team has been a stellar experience. Within just 4 weeks, we successfully launched and are already witnessing the immense value and benefits of interactive guides and tooltips. Understanding our gaps and users' software usage is crucial, and now with HEART, we gain full transparency on data.
by Karen Libby, Director of Product at serviceminder

The customer challenge

serviceminder is an award-winning platform for managing and operating home service franchises. Whether a home services business is a franchise or an independent retailer of home services,  serviceminder provides the tools to help owners optimize and grow their business. 

With the serviceminder software being essential for users to run their businesses, it became imperative to enhance their overall experience through improved learning and understanding. Recognizing that each user has different learning styles and needs, serviceminder embarked on a journey to revamp their “Help” experience, ensuring users can effortlessly grasp processes without the burden of reading extensive articles.

How we helped

In an impressive four-week timeframe, Userlane was implemented and launched to end-users, enabling the serviceminder team to start gaining valuable analytics and identify areas where customers require additional support.

The key objectives for serviceminder were:

Efficient training for new users

Recognizing the crucial role of the serviceminder software in supporting users’ business operations, it became imperative to elevate their overall experience by enhancing onboarding and training through interactive guidance and tooltips. 

Transparency on data and application analytics

serviceminder sought a solution to gain insights into software usage and identify potential gaps.

Streamlined one stop support hub 

To enhance their customer support experience, serviceminder is in the process of transferring their knowledge base to SharePoint, further leveraging the existing compatibility within the Userlane platform. This integration aims to empower customers with immediate access to support, ensuring a smooth and satisfying user journey.

The results

With the support of Userlane, serviceminder has launched and gone live within one month of implementation and served its customers immediately to provide support and guidance on the application. 

  • 67% satisfaction across customers  

Userlane’s tooltips and interactive guides have proven to be highly effective in delighting customers and empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of the application. By encouraging a “learn by doing” approach, they have successfully enabled users to grasp different aspects of the software with satisfaction and ease.

  • 64% engagement rate on serviceminder

The serviceminder team has witnessed remarkable engagement with their learning material, empowering their customers to become more self-reliant in utilizing the software.

Userlane's influence on serviceminder has been nothing short of a game-changer. Our entire team is thrilled with the adoption of this tool. With positive user feedback and promising data from our service desk, we're confident that the number of general 'How do I?' support tickets will significantly decrease.
by Karen Libby, Director of Product at serviceminder

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