RENOLIT improves data quality and reduces training efforts by 75%

RENOLIT, a global manufacturing company within the polymer industry, experiences a reduction in training resources and costs while significantly enhancing data quality with Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform.

reduced training time
application adoption rate
Userlane has helped us drive change management across the organization, improve global innovation processes and become quicker by progressing the change in a short time. Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform has become an integral part of RENOLIT’s global investment and innovation management system, and has made our learning strategy more personalized.
by Daniel Spang, Innovation Manager at RENOLIT

The customer challenge

RENOLIT is one of the world’s leading producers of high quality plastic films and sheets on a mission to make our world a more durable and stylish place. 

Managing training on InnoView, an innovation and investment management tool for employees spread globally, was a daunting task for RENOLIT. The costs and time associated with preparing and delivering training were substantial. The ever-changing and complex business processes on InnoView required constant adaptations and adjustments. This made it challenging to efficiently train employees while also ensuring that knowledge retention was maintained over the long term. In order to address these difficulties, RENOLIT required a tool that could simplify the onboarding process, provide personalized content targeting different user groups, and facilitate communication for employees using InnoView.

How we helped

After countless training sessions and time spent on managing learning material, the team decided to get on board with a Digital Adoption Platform. Thanks to Userlane, the team was able to streamline their onboarding and training concept globally. As a result, users felt more empowered and confident with InnoView processes. 

The key objectives for RENOLIT were:

Reducing time and resources for training 

The training team has been able to shift their focus on improving processes and managing projects more efficiently as a vast amount of training has been allocated to interactive in-app guidance

Improving data quality and reporting accuracy

With Userlane, employees feel more confident and capable of completing tasks on their own, relying less on the training team for assistance. During the investment planning process, Userlane enabled RENOLIT to make more data informed decisions by delivering high-quality data in a shorter time frame.  

Cutting through the noise and driving user acceptance 

With in-app learning and on-demand support, employees have become less frustrated, more efficient and self-sufficient. They feel more empowered having their personal Userlane virtual assistant guide them through every step of the process.

The results 

With the support of Userlane, RENOLIT was able to streamline their employee onboarding and training processes, helping employees learn how to use software intuitively based on their individual needs and functions.

  • 75% reduced training time 

RENOLIT’s implementation of interactive guidance has resulted in a notable reduction in the frequency of instructor-led training, as employees can now learn at their own pace. This shift has led to a decrease in the amount of time employees spend attending training sessions, from weekly to monthly.

  • 91% application adoption rate   

Userlane’s support in providing on-demand learning has increased the adoption rate of InnoView from 60% in 2021 to 91% in 2022. Employees now have greater ease and independence in managing their innovation projects. 

  • Significant data quality increase   

Since the introduction of Userlane, the team and executives at RENOLIT recognize a significant increase in data quality, which enables them to make better innovation and investment portfolio decisions.


Our experience with Userlane has been great, the team is always open and constructive and are very well experienced. There was never a moment where we felt out of the loop, as support and consultancy was always provided. The platform is very intuitive so our employees now feel assured that Userlane is supporting them throughout processes on a daily basis
by Daniel Spang, Innovation Manager at RENOLIT

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