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Excellent customer experience and 24/7 support

Dutch Flower Group, a globally renowned supplier of flowers, plants and decorative greens, ensures excellent customer experience and 24/7 support with the Userlane Digital Adoption Platform.

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Initially, as we were deciding on the Digital Adoption Platform, we chose Userlane as the most promising solution, and we got it right! With Userlane, we’ve got a universal solution to complement our customer support strategy; while navigating through a new process directly in the system, the customer actually gets to complete the task while following the guide. This is extremely helpful for us.
by Peter​ van Os, Product Owner Digital Sales, Dutch Flower Group

The customer challenge

If you have bought flowers recently, they likely came via a Dutch Flower Group company. Dutch Flower Group is a unique family of more than 30 specialized trading companies, who together serve the entire international floriculture chain. They deliver top quality fresh cut flowers, mixed bouquets, plants and decorative greens to their customers. Via whom a weekly average of 75 million flowers, 10 million bouquets and 15 million plants find their way to consumers around the world. With more than 5,200 employees, Dutch Flower Group supplies all distribution channels, from importing wholesalers (who supply florists) to the multiple retail sectors (including supermarket chains, DIY centers, garden centers and petrol stations) and e-tailers.

While introducing the new e-commerce solution, SAP Commerce Cloud, across five sales business units and 20 production sites, Dutch Flower Group was undergoing a massive organizational transition and needed to ensure effective onboarding of their customers and support in the moment of need. Customers, however, struggled to adapt to the new system, making numerous calls to support teams, as overall user frustration ran high. Thus, Dutch Flower Group turned to the Userlane Digital Adoption Platform to address these challenges.

How we helped

Userlane helped streamline the onboarding of over 10,500 customer users worldwide, all while enabling Dutch Flower Group to create interactive content in 24 languages for their customers. With Userlane’s in-app training, users were guided through new and uncommon tasks at the point of need and in real-time, allowing task automation and enabling self-service.

Allowing decentralized content creation

The shift to the new SAP Commerce Cloud system and new self-service processes had their challenges. Every sales business unit wanted to be in charge of how they worked with Userlane and have the liberty to create in-app content based on what their users valued the most. Userlane made it possible to plan, maintain and update content within minutes and completely independently, ensuring that every user group had all necessary information and support.

Ensuring a great customer experience

Onboarding is just one part of the deal; consistent knowledge retention is another story. The main goal when implementing Userlane was to make it easy for customers to work with the new system and complete necessary processes, even if they had not done so in a long time since the initial onboarding. Thanks to Userlane interactive guidance, every user can now quickly and easily navigate the SAP Commerce Cloud system and complete their tasks with minimum confusion or disruption. As a result, time spent on software training reduced dramatically, and the efficiency increased significantly.

Offering support around the clock

As Dutch Flower Group runs its operations all over the world, timely customer support is essential, especially when dealing with customers in different time zones. Therefore, Userlane has become an integral part of Dutch Flower Group’s customer support strategy, offering guidance and help in the moment of need and around the clock.

The results 

Userlane delivered significant improvements to customer onboarding, training and software rollout processes at Dutch Flower Group. Training and support staff spent less time creating and updating training material, and customers were more satisfied and efficient, completing their orders in the SAP Commerce Cloud system.

  • 40% user engagement rate

By automating their customer onboarding, Dutch Flower Group boosted their in-app user engagement.

  • 24/7 customer support

Userlane enabled Dutch Flower Group to offer their customers guidance and help in the moment of need and around the clock.

  • 10,500 onboarded customers

Userlane helped streamline the onboarding of over 10,500 customers worldwide.

  • 24 languages supported

With multiple language support, Dutch Flower Group was able to tailor and customize interactive content in 24 languages to best serve their customers around the world.

With the introduction of Userlane, we see that our sales business units are more involved now in the training and support processes. They appreciate the opportunity to create and manage their own in-app guides and content while having support from our central team assisting whenever needed. I think it’s extremely helpful for them, it’s much more productive for us, and at the end, also a nice way to stay connected.
by Lotte Geerars, User Experience Designer, Dutch Flower Group

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