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National railway company achieves a 2x increase in software ROI

Deutsche Bahn, the number one railway operator in Germany, experiences a five-fold increase in software adoption with Userlane’s interactive guidance.

increase in ROI of software implementation
increase in employee effectiveness
task completion rate in Jira
Interactive performance support proved to be a valid solution to all the challenges Deutsche Bahn encountered connected to change management and software applications. Users felt confident using Jira and weren’t experiencing any frustration navigating the app.
by Training Manager, Deutsche Bahn

The customer challenge

With over 300,000 employees worldwide and 200,000 in Germany alone, the successful adoption of various software applications is integral to the optimal operational efficiency and success of the transportation giant.

For Deutsche Bahn employees to be both efficient and effective, they need to be able to work in the numerous applications they use on a daily basis. Employees need to be trained in various software applications, and the high costs associated with training new employees, retraining existing employees with each new software release, and low software utilization on multiple software applications present significant challenges to the digital transformation efforts of the organization.

They needed an employee training solution that can quickly scale to meet the needs and specific requirements of their technical operators.

How we helped

Deutsche Bahn decided to test interactive performance support with a pilot project on their Atlassian Jira installation to assess the effects of in-app, on-demand interactive guidance on efficiency, feature adoption, software adoption, productivity, training costs, and ROI.

For the assessment participants were asked to complete specific tasks in Jira that they would need to accomplish on a daily basis.

They monitored how many of those tasks were successfully completed without Userlane. Subsequently, the same participants were asked to attempt the same tasks a second time, this time with interactive on-screen performance support enabled.

The objective was to achieve the following:

  1. Reduce time to proficiency in software application by 50%
  2. Improve software acceptance of users by 70%
  3. Decrease training costs by 50%

The results 

Upon completion of the study, the participants yielded the following results:

  • 97% task completion rate in Jira

When Deutsche Bahn’s employees were given access to Userlane, participants proved to be up to 5 times more effective on Jira.

  • 5x increase in employee effectiveness

The results demonstrate participants’ responses to questions regarding Userlane’s ability to increase software adoption significantly.

  • 2x increase in ROI of software implementation

Since feature adoption with Userlane reached close to 100% in Jira, Deutsche Bahn realized that through constant performance support, they can double the ROI for each software implementation by ensuring each employee is fully operative and productive in Jira from day one.

This also means that interactive guidance has an immediate effect on time-to-competency by allowing anybody to accomplish any task in the application from the start.

Deutsche Bahn now intends to implement Userlane on other software applications to improve the overall training efforts and to ensure that all employees will benefit from the positive effects of on-screen guidance and performance support, regardless of their software proficiency.

With Userlane, it’s possible to learn how to use Jira without any other form of support.
by Training Manager, Deutsche Bahn

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