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Drucker + Falk increased user adoption and employee satisfaction

Drucker + Falk is a prominent multifamily property management company in the US and were recognized in 2023 as one of the Top 50 Multifamily Property Management Firms for 2023.

Founded in 1938, Drucker + Falk is a full-service real estate and investment firm managing a diverse portfolio of more than 40,000 apartment homes and more than 3,000,000 square feet of office, retail and industrial space in 12 states. In addition to managing a broad range of properties, Drucker + Falk partners with clients on developing new properties, renovating and repositioning assets, converting historic properties to unique, upscale apartment homes and offers commercial leasing and sales services.

user adoption in Yardi Voyager
employee satisfaction
The Userlane team brings a level of expertise and professionalism that is second to none. Their proactive monitoring and maintenance have kept our systems running smoothly, allowing us to focus on our core business activities.
Jamika Bivens, Director of Training and Development, Drucker + Falk

The customer challenge

Yardi Voyager is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, tailored for the real estate sector, covering areas such as commercial, multifamily, and various housing markets. It’s a specialized ERP system, where training and onboarding employees effectively involves focusing on company-specific processes while minimizing impact on daily tasks.

With the growth of Drucker + Falk’s business and their significant investment in people development, Drucker + Falk sought a cost-effective solution to enhance employee experience and provide software-specific training directly within the Yardi Voyager platform.

How we helped

Drucker + Falk adopted Userlane’s HEART analytics for data-driven decisions, and Userlane’s Engagement Suite to enhance onboarding and training in the ERP system.

The key objectives for Drucker + Falk were:

  • Improve reporting and analytics in ERP, promoting data-driven decisions
  • Onboard employees in the Yardi Voyager platform and provide continuous training
  • Increase employee satisfaction through tailored training and transparent communication

The results

Drucker + Falk improved operations by enhancing their monitoring of Yardi Voyager, identifying digital friction areas, and analyzing engagement and adoption patterns. They also streamlined employee onboarding and training with in-app guidance, actively collecting feedback and gaining insights for areas of improvement by analyzing Userlane’s HEART metrics on the Yardi Voyager application.

  • 83% user adoption in Yardi Voyager

Through the effective utilization of Userlane’s Engagement Suite, Drucker + Falk have enabled employees to be more confident and proactive in ERP processes.

  • 82% employee satisfaction

Drucker + Falk have effectively utilized Userlane’s feedback and HEART Analytics to understand and improve employee satisfaction with their ERP solution.

Userlane is vital as a digital solution because it aligns with the needs and preferences of modern learners, enhances knowledge retention, offers flexibility and cost-efficiency, and can be tailored to various learning objectives and contexts. Userlane has the potential to revolutionize how education and training are delivered in the digital age.
Jamika Bivens, Director of Training and Development, Drucker + Falk

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