Celonis spends 50% less time maintaining training content

Celonis integrated Userlane in their online training academy to create a powerful interactive learning experience that halved the time needed to maintain and update training content.

decrease in effort updating content
course completion rate
With Userlane, we are able to take users by the hand and show them how to achieve certain tasks step-by-step in our software. This way, we can make our training really engaging by combining the interactive guides with the theoretical parts, which we offer via videos.
by David Jeggle, Head of Academy, Celonis

The customer challenge

Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence, helps companies in every industry remove friction from critical business processes and improve execution.

The Celonis Academy, which is made up of a Learning Management System (LMS) and the Intelligent Business Cloud (IBC) training environment, offers online training courses to customers, partners, and anyone interested in Celonis.

Initially, video content was created to train end-users on their software. However, their Intelligent Business Cloud underwent fast innovation and release cycles, meaning content quickly became outdated and required a significant amount of time and effort to update.

They needed a solution that would help them (a) create and maintain training content more efficiently and (b) increase user engagement.

How we helped

Celonis made Userlane’s interactive step-by-step guidance technology an essential part of the Celonis Academy. It now consists of a combination of both videos in the LMS and interactive guides in the IBC training environment. The videos are used for theoretical concepts, and the interactive guides form the practical component of training.

Furthermore, Userlane’s Virtual Assistant provides each user with constant, on-demand support as they navigate the IBC.

Through the combination of theoretical videos and Userlane, Celonis is now able to provide their users with a truly interactive and hands-on experience.

User feedback is an ongoing process, and Celonis consistently optimizes their training content. Due to the flexible nature of Userlane’s interactive guides, updating them is a quick and easy process. This saves Celonis valuable time and helps them deliver highly valuable and easy- to-use training for their users.

The results 

Userlane’s step-by-step guidance has resulted in significant improvement in user engagement and satisfaction for Celonis.

Key results include:

  • 50% decrease in effort required to maintain and update training content

After implementing Userlane, Celonis slashed the time needed to rework and maintain training content.

  • 80% course completion rate

With Userlane’s interactive guides, the course completion rate increased to 80%.

When I first started to create the interactive guides, I received all the support I needed from our Userlane Customer Success Manager. This support gave me the confidence to create and implement the guides myself and helped me understand all the functionalities.
by Senior Technical Training Manager, Celonis

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