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We delight employees and customers by providing a seamless software experience.
With Userlane, anybody can instantly use any software without formal training and support.

Userlane is a Germany-based technology company working with well-known enterprises such as Allianz, Beiersdorf, SAP, and Linde. Its award-winning software is used by millions of users across the globe. Founded in 2015, Userlane has quickly become a leading Digital Adoption Platform, delighting employees and customers with its intuitive and effective solutions.

The Founders

From left to right: Felix Eichler and Hartmut Hahn

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Top companies using Userlane for software adoption:
Deutsche Bahn
The Linde Group
Boston Consulting Group


users trained worldwide with Userlane technology


Customer countries and territories

“As an extremely fast and flexible Digital Adoption Platform, Userlane enables companies to automate their software onboarding, training, and support efforts to increase revenue and reduce cost.
Hartmut Hahn, CEO Userlane
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