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Digital Transformation and Digital Adoption

Reduce IT costs with Digital Adoption Platforms

Reduce IT costs with Digital Adoption Platforms

Custom software tools can be an incredible asset to a company. Truly.

Their ability to seamlessly meet your organization’s needs, solve a range of complex challenges, and uncover business potential makes the initial expenditure well worth the overall investment.

With benefits such as:

  • strong cybersecurity
  • high scalability
  • adjustable flexibility
  • consistent reliability

It’s no wonder that 52% of organizations across the world use unique software for at least one vital operation.

However, there is one huge downside (other than IT support costs) that many didn’t consider One that stops employees from using such systems to their maximum potential; significantly harming ROI… 

Training (or a lack thereof ). 
Thankfully, this isn’t a problem without an answer. The use of Digital Adoption Platforms can combat this, giving businesses an efficient solution to increasing their software adoption capabilities.

Use digital adoption platforms to reduce your IT support costs.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital Adoption Platforms are an overlay that is placed over a software platform, to guide users through using a system that is unfamiliar to them. 

Comprehensive DAPs can provide real-time guidance to your employees as they learn, in the form of:

  1. Step-by-step beginner guides.
  2. Navigation tutorials.
  3. Platform walkthroughs. 
  4. Answers to FAQs.
  5. Feature demonstrations. 
  6. Detailed system maps. 

Time and time again, they have proven to be the “saving grace” for any business owner who is trying to introduce software to their employees or is regularly onboarding staff members that need digital training to do their job. 

Why is a Digital Adoption Platform Important?

When the digital systems you use are either unique to you or incredible complex in nature, every one of your employees will have a steep learning curve to climb. This kind of stuff can’t come naturally. It takes time.

For them to become entirely proficient with the platforms you use on a regular basis, it could take hours, days, or even weeks. In the meantime, you’ll be wasting valuable company dime and even missing opportunities. 

That doesn’t sound ideal, right? There’s more.

Once you consider that you’ll have to:

  1. Pay a mentor to conduct training.
  2. Personally answer any questions.
  3. Combat resistance to change.
  4. Pay IT support to solve issues after they’ve made a mistake…

Pretty soon, you’ll find that the costs are adding up fast. Perhaps even more than you could have anticipated – putting your business profitability at risk.

Going forward then, it’s not enough to simply expect your employees to learn a system with no support. You need a comprehensive learning and development strategy to make the process efficient and inexpensive… that’s right, you need digital adoption platforms.

The Benefits of a Digital Adoption Platform for Software Training

It seems clear, then, that Digital Adoption Platforms can be incredibly advantageous to each and every business that is aiming to undergo extensive digital transformation. You’d be remiss to not see this as the opportunity it is.

  1. Reduce Your IT Support Costs

If you’ve outsourced your software platforms externally, then you might find an invoice landing in your inbox every time you (or your employees) encounter an issue that needs fixing. 

Rather than spending money on avoidable queries that could be easily answered by an automated system, use Digital Adoption Platforms.

  1. Cut Time Spent on IT Support Tickets

Do you have a full-time IT support member of staff who works “behind the scenes” to ensure the smooth operation of your organization? 

Unless you want them to be dealing with unnecessary issues (that can easily be resolved through proper software onboarding), update your onboarding strategy to include Digital Adoption Platforms.

  1. Gain Useful Insight into Software Usage

One of the hardest challenges for businesses is understanding whether or not their employees are using the tools provided to their maximum capacity. 

Change isn’t easy, and not everyone will feel comfortable completing tasks through software when they believe they can do the work in other ways (even if it’s less convenient for you).

Through Digital Adoption Platforms, you can start to analyse usage data and identify where extra support is needed.

How to Minimize IT Support Costs through Digital Adoption Platforms – FAQs

Whether you are wanting to start using a complex system with thousands of features or have your very own custom tool finally ready for use… there’s no doubt that a Digital Adoption Platform could be the perfect addition for your onboarding strategy. 

If you have further questions, perhaps these insightful FAQs will help.

What is digital adoption?

It’s the process where an individual takes the time to master new technology in order to carry out a specific purpose – such as complete a work task or make a purchase online.

How can I minimize IT support costs?

Training. If you address issues internally by giving your employee’s the knowledge they need to use software efficiently, then they are less likely to make expensive mistakes.

Should I use a Digital Adoption Platform?

Yes! In today’s technology-focused world, businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from using Digital Adoption Platforms to increase their software adoption rates.

What should I look for in a Digital Adoption Platform?

Before you select what provider to go for, always look at social proof and reviews. This will ensure you buy from a reputable business in the industry.

Digital adoption platforms are great for employee software onboarding.

Increase Your Software Adoption Efficiency with Userlane

Time is a critically valuable resource. In some cases, it can be just as important as money. 

When you cut down on wastage and inefficiencies (such as unnecessary IT support costs) across your organization, you’re ultimately protecting your bottom line. 

In the future, this will grant your business an incomparable competitive advantage. One that shouldn’t be ignored.

Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform is an intelligent market leader, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars. We’ve generated incredible training results for organizations across the globe. 

Through us, you can:

  • Roll out new systems 3x faster.
  • Increase satisfaction levels by 78%.
  • Receive 50% fewer support tickets.
  • 5x your software adoption rate.

Does that sound like it could be of use? Request a demonstration today.

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