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New Feature Release: Integrate Userlane with knowledge bases

New Feature Release: Integrate Userlane with knowledge bases

What is it? 

Userlane can now be integrated with collaboration tools and knowledge bases, making support content more discoverable and easier to access. Using the Userlane Assistant your users can now search for Confluence, KnowledgeOwl and Zendesk content, without having to leave the application. 

By typing a query in the Userlane Search input field, users will be able to refine their search results and quickly access support content directly from the Userlane Assistant, without any disruption to their workflow.


What problem does it solve? 

For organizations who use Confluence, Zendesk or KnowledgeOwl as a central place to store their knowledge, this limits the disruption of users having to leave the application in which they are working. 

The integrations provide users with the answers to questions or problems far more easily and quickly, and keep them engaged with Userlane and the underlying app instead of forcing them to leave.

How does it work? 

To start making the most of the integrations, all you need to do is to activate Userlane Search and one of the available integrations. It is as simple as that. 

The integrations will be available to any customer who has the integrations page enabled for their Dashboard. So that Userlane managers and admins are able to manage integrations in one central location, we’ve created a designated integrations section on the Dashboard where all configurations can take place. 

What to expect?

By collecting all support content and external sources under one roof, organizations will be able to automate and streamline onboarding, training and support processes, and make sure they give their users the best software experience, with every in-app interaction. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect: 

  • Reduced number of support queries and higher user productivity thanks to self-service available to software users at all times 
  • Higher in-app user engagement thanks to a seamless and frustration-free search of helpful content 
  • Faster software adoption thanks to the instant access to any relevant content, documentation or sources at the moment of need

How will we be building upon this?

We are planning to build more and more integrations for our users and will continue to build exceptional things, working towards a common mission: 

Making work in this world a little simpler, faster and fun for everyone. 



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