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New Feature Release: Leverage existing knowledge via Userlane

New Feature Release: Leverage existing knowledge via Userlane

At Userlane, we strive to make work in this world a little simpler, faster, more effective and fun for everyone. 

We’ve been working hard to enhance the functionality of our platform for our customers. Our latest feature releases create real value for our customers and their end-users by leveraging organizations’ existing knowledge bases and tools in the Userlane experience. 

The first exciting new feature; Connect Confluence with your Userlane Assistant 

Your Userlane solution can now be integrated with Confluence. Connecting Confluence with your Userlane Assistant is a simple way to enable your users to search Confluence content without ever having to disrupt their workflow or leave the application. The integration can be set up in a few simple steps. As a result, you can prevent your users from being overwhelmed by the amount of training documentation available and give them instant access to support channels, all in one place.

There is more exciting news coming in this department, so watch this space! 

Second new feature; Seamless search through the Userlane Assistant 

If you offer your users a lot of content, it can be difficult to find what they’re looking for. That’s why we’ve developed the Userlane Search! Once Search is enabled, users can simply click the Search icon in the Assistant and type a query in the input field. If results include more than one content type, users can select content filters to refine their results to specific types, for instance, Guides, Announcements, and documents. Your users can now quickly search content directly from the Userlane Assistant without context switching. 



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