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Digital Transformation and Digital Adoption

5 Reasons you need to invest in a Digital Adoption Platform

5 Reasons you need to invest in a Digital Adoption Platform

How many software applications does your company use on a daily basis?

If you were asked this question five years ago, the answer would have been simple. Maybe you had your chosen email provider, a subscription to Outlook 365, and a sales system. Easy enough.

Today, however, it would be a little more convoluted.

According to an insightful MarTech article, an average medium-sized organization (ranging between 200-500 employees) uses one hundred and twenty-three different platforms

It’s a lot, isn’t it? Each one would have required hours of rigorous training that likely lost the business hours of productivity.

Instead, why not use Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPS) to provide real-time software guidance to staff members?

You should invest in Digital Adoption Platforms for your business. Here's why

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform is an educational software overlay that guides users through a system that is unfamiliar to them. How? Through a range of guides, tutorials, demonstrations, and walkthroughs. They are a useful asset for any business that wants to provide digital support to their employees and customers alike.

Why is a Digital Adoption Platform Important?

In a world where 70% of businesses are either:

  1. Planning to undergo digital transformation.
  2. Actively undergoing digital transformation.

Employees across the world have to become proficient in software service after software service in order to complete their jobs.

Over time, the introduction of so many systems might have been manageable – especially when you took things slow.

But what about when the benefits of the software you use finally kick in, and you start to scale rapidly? 

New employees won’t have the opportunity to learn one platform before moving onto another… not when you want them to “hit the ground running”. 

That’s where Digital Adoption Platforms come in. 

Their ability to provide crucial guidance to your employees exactly when they need it in an informative and useful way will accelerate your digital transformation.

All software should be accompanied with digital adoption platforms.

Top 5 Reasons Investing in Digital Adoption Platforms will Lead to Technological Change

The definition of Digital Adoption Platforms alone should clarify just how beneficial they can be to any business that regularly uses software. 

Rather than forking out time and time again for expensive employee training, you can purchase an automated system that does the hard work for you. 

Still, there’s more.

1. Increase the Rate of Software Adoption

“I prefer doing it this way.”

We’ve all heard that at some point in our professional lives, right? Perhaps we’ve even said it ourselves, refusing to believe there could be another option. After all, this is the approach we’ve taken for years… why break what works?

(Because you could be more efficient if you do).

Resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when implementing software to your business processes. To combat this, you need to give your team a viable reason as to why they should give the unknown a go.

Digital Adoption Platforms make learning an easy process rather than a challenging one, significantly reducing frustrations and transforming mindsets. As a result, your employees will soon happily be working away on the best system for the job.

2. Speed up User Onboarding

A few hours of training doesn’t sound like a long time in the grand scheme of things. 

But, imagine you are a firm with 200 employees. That’s over 75 days of lost work. All while your team learns how to use the software you’re rolling out. 

Imagine the work your team could have completed within that frame and the revenue you might have generated from your customers. Digital Adoption Platforms generate a 3x faster software rollout, meaning no missed opportunities.

Through them, your employees can train while they work. No more being pulled away from their desks.

3. Gain Business Competitiveness

Software has proven to be critical in cutting wastage and increasing business efficiency… as long as your team know how to use it. 

Digital Adoption Platforms are designed to facilitate staff learning and development in a convenient and engaging way; motivating individuals to use the digital tools you provide rather than stubbornly continuing to do something in a way that’s comfortable to them.

Soon, you’ll find that productivity levels skyrocket and that you’re able to make the most of every employee. Can your competitors say the same?

4. Maximize the Usage of Applications and Tools

How proficient do you believe your staff members truly are with the software they use? Do you suspect they are still submitting support tickets regularly?

If so, your software adoption rate could be lower than you think. 

Unless your team are able to use the platforms you’ve provided to their maximum potential, you’ll be losing out on ROI – a problem that will only continue to keep growing as you do. You need to address any confusion before it creates further issues (like expensive IT support costs). 

This can be done through Digital Adoption Platforms, which have been proven to enhance employee expertise and ensure no feature is out of reach.

5. Improve Employee Focus and Performance

Admit it. Training can be boring and tedious. 

Very few professionals get excited when they find out they’ve been scheduled for a meeting that will run for several hours. 

Boredom is a killer of effectiveness, so you need to make sure your team are actively engaged with their learning experience if you want to guarantee top results. 

Guess what? Digital Adoption Platforms provide an interactive, enjoyable, and convenient learning journey to maximize employee performance.

Make your employee's software learning experience exciting and engaging through Digital Adoption Platforms.

Using Digital Adoption Platforms to Your Advantage – FAQs

It’s impossible to deny it. 

Investing in a Digital Adoption Platform is a smart business decision for saving both time and money to protect your bottom line. 

If you’re still unsure, perhaps these insightful FAQs can point you in the right direction.

What is digital adoption?

It’s the process through where you master new technology and successfully carry out tasks online in order to achieve a specific goal of yours.

How do I onboard software?

Firstly, be sure to inform your staff members of your decision. Next, provide training that incorporates different learning styles and be sure to answer any questions that arise. 

What are the best tools for digital transformation?

All businesses can benefit from having internal communication software, cloud storage, CRMs, and Digital Adoption Platforms.

Which Digital Adoption Platform should I use?

Userlane has one of the best DAPs on the market, with an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating and an incredible team who are always willing to help.

Embrace Technological Change through Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform

Admittedly, there are numerous Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) on the market. However, none can hold a candle to Userlane’s.

“The best onboarding software that leads to higher engagement, activation, and retention rates!”

At Userlane, we’ve spent years building a strong reputation through our dedication to detail and customer service. 

Along with providing useful resources like this one (and hundreds of others), we’re always available to answer any queries you may have.
Contact us now with your questions, or request a demonstration today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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