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Userlane - software usage simplified

Userlane is the fastest way to provide help in any software. Guide and support your users directly in your applications and instantly make any software or process easy to grasp.

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Experience the Userlane content creation engine to provide interactive step-by-step guides in your live app within minutes. Instantly announce updates, start surveys and promote specific topics.

Launch content fast, iterate quickly, repeat.


Gain real-time visibility into user behavior, engagement, and adoption trends in one single place. See how your guidance performs and iterate fast to get the best results.


Give your users instant access to support channels, directly in your applications – exactly where and when your users need it most. Simply integrate your existing support channels and knowledge bases with the Userlane Assistant.

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“Speed of change is the driving force.
Leading change competently is the only answer.”

John P. Kotter

Move faster with Userlane

You are rolling out software or launching new features? Let your users get started faster with guided workflows and provide them with an automated, individualized onboarding experience, available to them 24/7.

Your user experience will either lead to a feeling of achievement or frustration for your users. Provide a great first impression and empower your users to be productive and excited about your software right from the start.

The key to delivering a great support experience is providing fast, relevant, individual support. Free up your support teams’ time to serve your most important users and tackle key issues. Prevent support requests directly in the applications by giving your users automated access to information about key workflows and most common questions.

If your users don’t interact with your products, over time they will look for alternatives. Prevent user frustration and ensure they get the most value out of your software by showing them key functionality and increasing their adoption of all elements of your product.

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Easy to buy

  • Flexible commercial models
  • Secure delivery, multiple hosting options
  • Privacy first architecture

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Easy to use

  • Works with every web-based software
  • No coding skills required
  • Rapidly create & maintain content
  • Go-live in less than 30 days

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Easy to love

  • Superior, consumer-style experience
  • Best-in-class user interaction rates
  • Lovely customer success team

Make your software simpler and faster