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Userlane - software usage simplified

Users are utterly overwhelmed by the amount of training and support documentation available. Userlane allows you to give your users instant access to support channels by storing all necessary sources in one place.

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With Userlane you can

Provide instant assistance

Make instantaneous support available to your users around the clock and quickly resolve any issue.

Increase user engagement

Ensure your users have access to any relevant content, documentation or sources at the moment of need.

Streamline support efforts

Stay one step ahead and provide your users with all necessary insights, even before questions arise.

The right information at the right time

With Userlane Assistant, interactive content and support resources are always present to your users. You can create a knowledge base directly in the software applications and provide your users with real-time support where they need it and when they need it, so they can use your tools more efficiently.

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get the content to the right people

Get the content to the right people

Help your users get answers to their questions without leaving the app by providing them with relevant knowledge about processes and workflows at the time of need. Apply advanced segmentation to deliver the content to the targeted user groups.

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Leverage existing content

Enable a seamless search that combines knowledge from several sources and doesn’t stand in the way of completing a task. Simply integrate your existing support channels with the Userlane Assistant. Your users will be able to read the content directly from the Assistant, without ever having to disrupt their workflow or leave the application.

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Userlane - software usage simplified

How you can increase the ROI of your software investments

Investing and rolling out new software is one of the many responsibilities that CIOs must manage. The complex task comes with challenges however, and getting employees to use the software effectively and efficiently is critical in securing ROI. 

Download our whitepaper to understand how to mitigate the risks of costly software investments.


Why Userlane

icon We care about your users too

We care about your users too

The Userlane Assistant is built to create an exceptional and seamless experience for your users with just a click.

icon No special skills required

No special skills required

We ensure to provide you with a plug and play setup, so no coding or backend integration is required from your side.

icon Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

We hold all necessary international certifications and accreditations to be your reliable and trusted partner.

Userlane - software usage simplified

Userlane in action

See how Userlane creates a delightful software experience on Wikipedia.


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Reduce support volume

Automate support efforts and always stay one step ahead of the curve. Monitor user interaction and performance of your content assets to optimize both support strategy and operational workflows.

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