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Your UI and UX cheat sheet

Your UI and UX cheat sheet

A complete list of all User Interface and User Experience definitions needed for SaaS Product Managers.

As a product manager, I’m sure it goes without saying that UX is one of the most crucial elements to you because it is one of the key components of the four pillars of product leadership; soft skills, business acumen, domain knowledge and technical and UX skills. 

UX is essentially another trinket in your product management treasure chest, all of which help you to create and deliver the best possible product that solves the pain points of your users and reduces the frustration and doubt associated with many products, particularly SaaS applications. 

Although, you may quickly encounter a long list of acronyms and terms used throughout the product development journey. But what do they mean? When do I need to use them? Are they important? 

RDW, IA, clickstream, A/B test, card sorting. Do these mean anything to you? 

Well, to help you master the product management glossary and become familiar with the terminology, we’ve created a handy cheat sheet gathering the most relevant and helpful terms to guide you through UI and UX seamlessly. 

It will give you a deeper understanding of what is involved in product development, and some tricks for creating the best UI and UX for your product. 

You can download it here and refer back to it when needed:

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