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Digital Transformation and Digital Adoption

Digital adoption as a key enabler of digital transformation

Digital adoption as a key enabler of digital transformation

In a recent webinar Userlane hosted, we brought together experts from market analysts, The Everest Group, leading automotive manufacturer, HELLA, and Userlane’s CEO and co-founder to explore the correlation between digital adoption and transformation.

The consensus from the webinar was that digital transformation is all about the management of people. Why? Well, because as heavily as you may invest in technology and digital processes, it still needs people to adopt these practices and truly drive any change. 

Enterprises have been investing in digital transformation projects for some years now, and the statistic that always crops up is that around 70% fail. The Everest Group, who specializes in in-depth market analysis, has identified the key challenges organizations face, and they more than often relate back to people, culture, and managing change. 

This is because digital transformation is more than just an IT issue. At the end of the day, it’s a person that must learn to use the software or platform and do the work. No matter how great your software application is, it will not deliver the desired business outcomes, if your users don’t use it properly, if at all.

This is where digital adoption comes into play. Digital adoption entails change and learning mechanisms that allow organizations to onboard, train and support their software users in real-time. As a result, users acquire the ability to fully master new technology instantly, understand the functionality and benefits of new digital processes, and leverage each technology and its capabilities to the fullest.

It is important to map your training efforts to the people who need to learn, and often one solution is not sufficient. We explored this topic and a blended learning approach in more detail in a recent interview with PwC, which you can read here.

To help you better understand the solutions for digital adoption among enterprises and how a Digital Adoption Platform can help, we’ve collated all of the insight from our webinar into a simple graphic for you. You can download it here:

Userlane is proud to be one of the fastest Digital Adoption Platforms on the market; with interactive step-by-step guides, you can lead users through common tasks and provide them with intuitive on-demand assistance. Userlane’s code-free editor is designed to make content creation extremely easy and fast.

So if you’d like to discover more about DAPs and how to use them in your business, don’t hesitate to request a demo with one of our specialists today. 

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