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Userlane Partners With Drift to Optimize Customer Journey

Userlane Partners With Drift to Optimize Customer Journey

It’s a great time to be alive but an even better time to be a sales representative!

Userlane and Drift have joined forces to offer sales representatives, SDRs, marketing experts, and business development professionals a great bundle that will allow you to optimize and personalize the entire discovery journey of your potential customers.

What this means: more opportunities for you to create the perfect customer journey, which will turn more prospects into loyal customers.


Customer Journey optimization with Userlane and Drift

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Thanks to this exceptional partnership, Drift users will now be able to extend and enhance their sales automation process within the product or platform itself by guiding visitors step by step through an interactive product demo or by steering trial users directly in the product they’re evaluating.

Drift and Userlane

Drift is the most powerful conversational marketing and sales platform that enables your representatives to start and carry on a meaningful dialogue with website visitors and prospects.



Drift automates the entire conversation with potential buyers, opt-ins, leads, and opportunities. This dramatically increases your website conversion rate and provides a seamless customer experience through several touchpoints, which can include videos, questions, scheduling meetings, promotion of lead magnets, personalized messages, and emails.

Additionally, Drift provides marketing and sales teams with business intelligence data about anonymous visitors, which can be used to personalize messages for ABM campaigns. To complete their offering, Drift also offers automation for customer service.

Userlane is a guidance layer that goes on top of every browser-based application. Our software adoption platform offers a fully interactive experience using on-screen walkthroughs to steer users in real time through processes directly in your product or platform.

Basically, Userlane kicks in once the potential customer interacts with your application for the first time and allows you to automate onboarding with custom made tours and interactive process walkthroughs to make sure your user achieves results instead of spending time trying to understand how to perform tasks.

On top of that, Userlane provides constant electronic performance support to all your users after onboarding.

Userlane comes in fact with a Virtual Assistant which is an on-screen companion that users can access at all times to trigger interactive guides. The Assistant, therefore, helps them to successfully accomplish any task in the application.


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The Drift + Userlane duo is an explosive combination that allows sales, marketing, customer success, and product people to design and execute the perfect customer journey from discovery to success.

Drift manages the journey outside of your product and Userlane takes over once users are in your product.

Drift can trigger a Userlane guide and Userlane can trigger a Drift conversation.

The opportunities are endless.

Here are a couple of ideas you can start implementing today.

A SaaS Multi-Touch Journey with Free Trial

Sarah clicks on an ad and lands on your website. She has a few questions that can be answered directly on your site via Drift without involving your sales team.

She collects information, but then she seems to be leaving your site. She receives a prompt to check your recent white paper, which she downloads, and the whole process happens directly in your Drift chat panel.

She downloads the paper and enjoys it.

Over time she receives a few nurturing emails, and eventually, she clicks on an offer.

She lands on one of your landing pages. Drift recognizes Sarah, and you can continue the conversation with her from where you left off.

She now knows a lot more about your product, and she decides to give it a try.

Sarah signs up for a free trial and she’s welcomed by Userlane’s avatar (you can decide who to use as your avatar).


Userlane welcome slide


Userlane guides Sarah in no time through the initial onboarding formalities and then leads Sarah while she accomplishes some initial tasks in the system.

She immediately experiences her first quick wins. At the same time, Userlane guides her through the product and invites her to try some of the key features.

Everything happens in real time and without any frustration. She accomplishes lots of tasks, achieves her goals, and is convinced of the benefits of your solution. Therefore, she’s highly committed and continues her discovery journey.

When not sure how to continue, Sarah clicks on Userlane’s Virtual Assistant to receive guidance through all the processes she intends to test. She doesn’t need to check any other documents, read FAQs, or watch a lengthy video tutorial.

She also has a couple of questions regarding customization and integrations, which are answered immediately via Drift.


drift conversational bot


Over the next few days, she receives a few automated emails with tricks and tips based on her successes. Automated emails sent via Drift can also contain links that trigger interactive Userlane guides.

So, for example, you notice that Sarah hasn’t invited her colleagues to join her team yet, and you can activate the process via email automation and even guide Sarah step by step with an interactive guide.

The whole discovery journey is completely frictionless, personalized, and automated.

Eventually, your sales team has enough information about her journey, and they can reach out at the right time with an incredibly enticing offer.

Sarah becomes a happy customer, and with her team, she works effortlessly in your application thanks to the proactive support of Userlane and the reactive assistance offered via Drift.

Interactive Product Demos

Another way in which Userlane and Drift can be used together is to automate product demos.

Say you don’t offer customers the opportunity to immediately jump into your product with a free trial – you require them to request a live demo with you first.

One of the most critical steps in such a customer journey is the product demo itself. Potential customers don’t get to experience your product first hand but get to know your application through a story told by one of your sales representatives.

Two problems here:

  1. Such a process is not scalable as the more potential customers you have, the more sales reps you need.
  2. The customer experience during the demo is strictly connected to the performance of the person who gives the demo. No matter how trained your sales reps are, your product demos (and their quality) will vary a lot from person to person.

In this case, you’ll be able to identify the right time to start a product demo with a potential customer throughout your conversation with them via Drift.

When the time seems right, you can invite the prospect to go through an interactive tour of your application.

Unlike the first case (free trial), this time the user is guided step by step through a demo environment in which they can be steered through features and benefits while actually trying out your product with interactive walkthroughs.

Such walkthroughs can be personalized based on the needs of each specific customer segment.

The whole tour is automated, personalized, and interactive, and when your prospect has some specific questions, the whole conversation happens in real time as if every lead had their own personal sales agent who explains each element of your software in a demo call.


Userlane interactive guide for software. Infobox and pro tips.


At this point, the user is familiar with your application. They have gone through a personalized interactive journey, and it’s time for you to schedule a meeting directly on screen with Drift.

This way, not only have you solved all the problems connected to scalability but you’ve also managed to standardize the demo process to optimize conversions.

Drift and Userlane for Product Growth

As you can see, Drift and Userlane together represent a powerful combination that will allow you to automate and customize the entire customer journey to drive more conversions, increase engagement, activation, and boost customer success and retention.

We, at Userlane, are proud to partner with such a great company because just as we are the top application for user onboarding automation and software adoption, Drift is the best-in-class application in the sector of conversational marketing and sales automation.

Do you want to learn more about what Userlane and Drift can do for you?


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