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Userlane is accessible to all

Userlane is accessible to all

We are committed to ensuring people feel empowered by technology. That includes making sure users with disabilities don’t encounter accessibility errors that would prevent them from understanding or interacting with the Userlane platform. 

The recent achievement of the Accessibility Conformance Report WCAG edition (based on VPAT® Version 2.4) exemplifies our commitment to making the platform more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities. The certification includes accommodations for blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity, learning disabilities and cognitive limitations.

We recognised that a non-inclusive and inaccessible work environment increases the risk of litigation for large enterprises, and many of our clients have been working hard to ensure they are accessible. For the past 18 months, the team at Userlane have been working hard on achieving this goal for our product too. 



As a digital adoption platform that overlays on software applications, this certification means Userlane can provide guidance to everyone on complex applications that many people with disabilities may have struggled with otherwise. 

We addressed three pillars to ensure our software is usable for everyone:

1. Perceivable

All Userlane content is integrated with screen readers, in an easy to understand and user friendly format so that all text is perceivable for users. 

2. Operable 

Users are able to control the Userlane UI elements via their keyboard to navigate their application. 

3. Understandable

We ensured that readability and user experiences are all in line with WCAG guidance, allowing those with vision impairments to work with Userlane easily. 

This is an on-going journey, whereby accessibility will remain front of mind in the development of new products and functionalities. The ambition is to also achieve AAA rating against all specifications, building upon the current AA rating. 

All new accessibility functionalities are built into the existing platform, in line with being an ‘accessible first’ digital adoption platform. For all of our customers, they are available and ready to deploy for any user that needs it. 

We will continue to build exceptional things and work towards a common mission: Making work in this world a little simpler, faster and fun for everyone. 

You can find out more information about the accessibility certification here.



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