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Userlane Digital Talk – The importance of a speak-up culture

Userlane Digital Talk – The importance of a speak-up culture

Episode 21

With Maraja Fistanic, Co-founder and CMO LegalTegrity and Felix Brehmer, Enterprise Sales Manager at Userlane

Why your company needs a strong speak-up culture 

Maraja Fistanic shares insights about the importance of a speak-up culture, trades, and how to set a company up for success. Legal Tegrity offers digital whistleblowing solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises across Europe and advocates for transparency and openness as crucial elements of employer branding, long-term employee loyalty, and overall company’s reputation.

Listen to the inspiring and insightful conversation with Maraja, and learn how to overcome corporate resistance and fear. 

Key takeaways 

  • Fostering a safe environment where employee input is valued. 
    While it is essential to provide employees with an opportunity to point out challenges the company faces constructively, it is also vital to nurture trust and prevent negative silos. Constantly showcasing positive outputs of the open feedback culture will raise awareness internally, lead to improved processes and long-term success of the organisation.
  • Business success relies on trust.
    Nowadays, modern tools can help foster trust and provide valuable insights in a secure and safe environment. Leaders within an organisation should create and ensure the kind of workplace where employees feel welcome and included, free to express their opinions, and confident that their input will be recognised. 
  • Anonymity represents psychological safety. 
    LegalTegrity encourages anonymous reporting via digital tools and recommends the involvement of third parties. In most cases, external advisors would ensure an objective point of view and offer clear guidance. A speak-up culture is crucial for setting the company for digital transformation or innovation; therefore, a trial-error approach is needed to learn agility, adjust to changes and optimise processes. 

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