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Userlane & HELLA win Project of the Year by eLearning journal

Userlane & HELLA win Project of the Year by eLearning journal

We are so overjoyed to announce in partnership with HELLA we have been honoured with the Special-Award “Project of the Year“ by eLearning journal AWARD 2023

The eLearning AWARD by eLearning Journal celebrates “innovative and forward-thinking” global projects and services. With more than 300 submissions per year and an independent jury of experts awarding products and services with a state of the art eLearning characters, made us extra grateful for the award. Userlane believes in developmental onboarding that empowers employees to learn intuitively.

This award highlights our outstanding collaboration with global automotive supplier HELLA to support their project to drive, scale and measure success throughout their digital transformation initiatives.

Userlane & HELLA win Project of the Year by eLearning journal

Project goals:

HELLA was in search of a strategic tool that would help create a more efficient onboarding and training process for their employees when implementing new software applications.


Implementing Userlane as a digital adoption platform. Userlane played an integral role in HELLA’s most recent software rollouts, which included HELLA’s SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM), Appian Business Process Management (Appian ECM (Engineering Change Management)), and IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management. 

In the age of digital transformation, Userlane and HELLA focused on adaptive, intuitive and blended learning approaches.

Innovative wins:

  • Reducing training efforts and costs: 25% decrease in training efforts & costs. No more generic, classroom-based training approaches. 
  • Reducing training time: by 15%. Employees can now learn at their own pace. More personalized real-time, context-sensitive and relevant training content.

We are so thrilled to be showcased as an innovative resource and solution in the L&D and eLearning initiatives. 

“Userlane proved to be even more powerful than we initially thought it would be! The platform is extremely easy to use; it takes less than five minutes to create interactive content and make it available to all users across our organization directly in the system. Our employees’ productivity improved significantly; they feel confident working with the software. And we finally have full visibility and transparency on the usage of our software applications; we can easily detect how many employees are accessing the tool, how they work with it and where they need further support.” – Norman Läzer, Global Head of Engineering Excellence, Electronics, HELLA

A huge thank you to HELLA for our continued partnership and collaboration. We are excited to be recognized for our forward-thinking approach to employee development. 

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