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Successful software roll-out through effective training

Successful software roll-out through effective training

From education to retail to finance, the impact of the pandemic sent tremors through every industry. New technologies and software needed to be introduced quickly and across multiple business operations. 

To remain competitive however, it is imperative that any newly introduced technologies are harnessed correctly to support scaling efforts. And the inevitable onboarding and training of employees. 

Resistance to technological change is one of the many factors hindering these efforts. If users are hesitant to work with new software, they will, in all likelihood, be resistant to training too and a company’s digital investments will yield little to no returns. 

Gartner cites “The benefits an organization plans to realize from a new software will not materialize until users have embraced and are productive with the new applications and processes.

Lack of skills of potential users was highlighted in research from IBM as one of the top barriers to a successful software adoption in organizations. Highlighting the necessity of having software training and support plans to equip users with the skills needed to work with the software effectively. 

Enterprises need to reassess how they train their software users and find new ways to optimize their software training and support efforts. 

Ensuring seamless software usage largely depends on constant support, which should be contextual and relevant to the end-users. Often, companies simply implement once-off training, provide lengthy documents that do not offer the exact help a user is looking for in their moment of need, or turn to the IT department to help end-users. 

However, there is a solution to providing optimal and continuous support for users without heavily relying on IT support, and it involves automation through the use of digital adoption solutions.

To assist you in your software rollouts, and for your training to be truly effective, we have compiled a Training Toolkit. You can check it out here:

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