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The May Running For a Greener City challenge raised 8,077€

The May Running For a Greener City challenge raised 8,077€

The first running challenge organized by Userlane throughout the month of May was a big success!

The challenge gathered up 120 runners from 7 Munich-based startups: Everstox, Magazino, NavVis, ParcelLab, Riskmethods and Salesfive. For every kilometre run, the participating companies were to donate up to one euro to the environmental organisation Green City e.V..

Together, they ran over 10,000kms in four weeks, collecting 8,077 euros!

Well done everyone!

The winners were crowned on 8th of June. While participants could only attend the ceremony remotely due to the current public health regulations, Green City employees Nina Köninger and Christina Pirner were able to come over to the Userlane offices to receive the donation in person.

Here is the final leaderboard:

Greener City Challenge - Leaderboard

With a total of 2,277.98 kilometres run, team Userlane came on top, closely followed by the specialist for the production of photo-realistic digital twins, NavVis (2,215.8 kilometres), and the provider of AI-based SCRM software, Riskmethods (1,710.69 kilometres).

However, when it comes to the number of  kilometres run per person, Riskmethods were ahead, with 90 km per runner in average. It is followed by operations experience and shipping communication specialist, parcelLab (83.8 kilometres per person), and Userlane (75.9 kilometres per person).

Nina Köninger from Green City e.V. was very happy about the commitment of Munich’s start-up scene. “Our goal is, among other things, to reduce motorised individual transport and the emission of climate-damaging gases”, she explained during the award ceremony. “With the sum from the charity run, we are once again taking an important step forward in our annual 150 or so events and campaigns.” The money will especially support the project “Quartierswende im Lehel”, you can find more info about it here.

Through sunshine and rain, all runners gave it all, check out the km development over the challenge below:

Greener City Challenge - KM Development

 Team Userlane raised over 1,800€ for Green City e.V. ! Every team member received a 25€ voucher for the awesome sport sock brand INCYLENCe.

Greener City Challenge - Impressions


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