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Digital Transformation and Digital Adoption

The CRM is evolving, can your business keep up? 

The CRM is evolving, can your business keep up? 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was once solely owned by the sales function and existed as a tool to, as the name would suggest, manage customer data. 

Reflective of the way business models have evolved to create more collaboration between sales and the wider organization, the CRM in 2022 is a software whose users span multiple departments. It has the potential to be very valuable to an organization, if used effectively by its users. 

We recently hosted a webinar to dive into this topic and discuss how businesses can maximize the potential of their CRM. Our Chief Product Officer, Luke Talbot, was joined by Jonas Laue from leading CRM consultancy, Sopra Steria, and Hans Egger from leading professional kitchen manufacturers, RATIONAL AG.

Fear not, you can still check out the ‘How to maximize your CRMs full potential’ webinar replay here.

Our webinar panelists, Jonas Laue, is a CRM expert from Sopra Steria, the European Tech leader recognised for its consulting, digital services and software development. 

Jonas provided listeners with an insightful view into the evolution of the CRM landscape and the different challenges that arise at each level for organizations. We’ve compiled these observations into a comprehensive CRM roadmap to help managers ensure they practice a user-centric approach. You can download it now:

When used most effectively, CRM software is the single source of truth where data is centralized, and users gain an enriched view of customer journeys. 

If you want to make sure that using the software is simple and easy rather than frustrating and complex, then Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) should be the latest addition to your tech stack.

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