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PwC streamlines user experience on globalDoc Solution®

PwC streamlines user experience on globalDoc Solution®

Userlane is thrilled to announce the expansion of its partnership with global consulting firm PwC. Together, Userlane and PwC will collaborate to enhance the adoption and enablement of PwC’s cloud-based transfer pricing documentation software, globalDoc Solution®.

With its secure process management and collaboration capabilities, globalDoc Solution® is a powerful tool for setting up a worldwide transfer pricing documentation process including local users from different countries on one platform. By integrating Userlane’s technology into the platform, PwC will streamline adoption and enablement for the users of globalDoc Solution®.

Through their existing partnership, Userlane and PwC have already helped a number of joint customers improve the adoption of other software applications, as well as enabling employees by removing the friction and frustration they have when working with new software processes. 

PwC’s decision to integrate Userlane’s technology into globalDoc Solution® is a testament to the trust and confidence they have in Userlane, to enhance the user experience for its clients.

Userlane’s technology enables PwC’s clients to quickly get up to speed and start realizing the benefits of globalDoc Solution® sooner. This translates into significant time and cost savings for businesses, allowing them to focus on driving growth and innovation.

As an easy entry into software solutions without any proper training or onboarding for local users becomes more and more important nowadays, Userlane is the perfect partner for PwC to implement globalDoc Solution® in a most efficient manner.”Holger Loehr, Manager & Digital Accelerator – Transfer Pricing at PwC Germany

Ultimately, the expansion of the partnership between Userlane and PwC will provide businesses with the support they need to fully leverage the benefits of globalDoc Solution® and make informed decisions with confidence.

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