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Top Online Product Management Courses for All Levels

Top Online Product Management Courses for All Levels

While product management is an exciting and stimulating field of work, it can be challenging in many ways. From working with multiple teams to ensuring customer satisfaction, the day-to-day activities of a product manager can be a little on the stressful side.

And coupled with the mind-blowing pace at which technology is evolving and fierce competition in most (if not all) markets, product managers, now more than ever, need to kick ass (to put it bluntly) and try to stay ahead of the game.

I mean, let’s be honest, coordinating one team can be enough to make you want to sell your assets, move to an island, and rather sell cocktails on the beach for a living (that could just be me though), so we should definitely give a round of applause and show some daily appreciation for our product managers (PMs). 

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What Skills are Required for Product Management Today?

Here at Userlane, we write a lot on learning, development, growth, and skill acquisition. Constant learning and developing new skills in this day and age are as essential as soil, water, and sunlight are to a plant. The plant simply cannot grow and blossom without these elements, and it’s fundamentally the same for employees (in this case, product managers) who cannot grow and evolve in their profession without learning new, important skills.

Over the years, product managers have had to develop and hone their soft skills, like leadership, innovation, and creativity, in order to become excellent product leaders. However, the hard skills are, of course, just as important, and many of these skills are continuously evolving. For example, PMs need to have technical expertise, and with technology developing the way it is, PMs need to learn both on the job and through courses to keep up.

As Julia Enthoven, who was an APM at Google, states,

Good product managers add to engineering teams … they understand technical constraint without needing to consult a teammate.

Today, PMs also need to have a good knowledge of competitor products and internet trends. They need to engage with pioneering technologies, expose themselves to new industries and concepts, and seek out trends.

For those wanting to become a better PM (I’m sure that goes without saying), it’s important to gain experience in UX design, invest time in reading about new ideas and software, and practice skills like coding and writing. And while gaining hard skills is priority, developing soft skills (such as communication), being the product’s cheerleaders, and fostering excellent communication and organization skills shouldn’t take the proverbial backseat either.

But not all skills can be learned on the job. You’ll need some external help from time to time. And because you, as a product manager, are super busy rocking your product, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top online product management courses to hone those already awesome product management skills of yours.

Whether you’re just starting out as a product manager, have years of experience, or work closely with the product team, we’ve got the online courses to get you and keep you blossoming.

How Our List Works

We’ve divided this post into two sections.

The first one covers online product management courses that you can find on five of the most popular massive open online course (MOOC) providers, listed in alphabetical order. Some of the courses in this section are time-specific, meaning they begin and end on a specific date, so please keep this in mind when looking at the course. 

The second section is for online product management courses offered by other universities, schools, or online learning providers, listed alphabetically according to the name of the course. Once again, please note that some of these courses might be time-specific.

In an effort to keep this blog post as relevant and as up-to-date as possible, we’ve left out certain information, such as start date and amount of time needed to complete the course, for some courses. The individual links will give you more information on when the next course starts and what the requirements for completion are. Also, please keep in mind that instructors and prices of the courses are subject to change ????.

Make sure to bookmark this list as we’ll be updating it over time. If we have missed something, feel free to let us know!

Last update: November 2020

product manager working on a storyboard

Top Online Product Management Courses to Help You Make a Difference

Product Management Courses on Coursera

Brand and Product Management

Aim: To identify the important information you need to develop a product and brand strategy that generates both quick-wins and long-term value.

What you’ll learn: Defining the right metrics, the product life cycle, how to equip your employees with knowledge on how to deliver on your brand promise, describing the different elements of a brand strategy, building your brand portfolio, and how to embed a brand internally within your organization.

Time/ Effort: Approximately 14 hours to complete.

For: Product managers of all experience levels or those simply wanting to refresh their knowledge of brand management.

Includes: Flexible deadlines, videos, readings, quizzes, graded assignments with feedback, and shareable certificates.

Offered by: ie Business School

Price: On request. Financial aid is available.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Aim: To learn important negotiation skills for business success.

What you’ll learn: Negotiation strategy, key tactics for success, creating a contract, and important communication skills.

Time/Effort: Approximately 16 hours to complete.

For: Product managers looking to enhance their soft skills.

Includes: Videos, tests, self-paced learning with flexible deadlines, free negotiation planning tools, an exam for course completion (this exam is a Mastery exam, meaning you can take it as many times as needed), and a course certificate. 

Offered by: University of Michigan

Price: On request. Financial aid is available.

Product Management Courses on edX

Data Science and Agile Systems for Product Management

Aim: To deliver faster, higher-quality, and fault-tolerant products.

What you’ll learn: Designing and modeling for fast feedback, system optimization with open architectures, lean Startup and Product Innovation Analytics, performance analysis, and customer experience validation and enhancement with usability analytics.

Time/Effort: 1 month, 2 to 3 hours per week.

For: Product managers with at least a few years of experience.

Includes: Expert instruction, self-paced learning.

Offered by: University of Maryland and University System of Maryland

Price: Free or 170 EUR for a verified certificate.

Innovation Leadership

Aim: To learn what it takes to become an innovation leader in the 21st century.

What you’ll learn: How to become an innovation leader and create shared value, how to empower others, innovating for global impact, knowing yourself through your life story, and development of self-awareness.

Time/Effort: 6 weeks (4 to 6 hours per week).

For: Product managers of all experience levels.

Includes: Learning from exceptional innovation leaders, self-paced learning, and a certifcate upon completion.

Offered by: Georgia Tech

Price: Free or 42 EUR for a verified certificate.

Product Management Fundamentals

Aim: To gain an understanding of what’s needed to successfully navigate the roles and responsibilities of being a product manager to champion change.

What you’ll learn: Roles and responsibilities of a product manager, managing product teams, engaging with stakeholders, marketing challenges, knowing your customer, customer development, solving customer problems, and expanding your market.

Time/Effort: 1 month, 2 to 3 hours per week.

For: Entry-level product managers or anyone wanting to transition to a PM role.

Includes: Expert instruction, self-paced learning.

Offered by: University of Maryland and University System of Maryland

Price: Free or 170 EUR for a verified certificate.

u.lab: Leading from the Emerging Future

Aim: To gain insight into leading high-impact social, environmental, and personal transformation.

What you’ll learn: The Theory U method (developed by MIT), leading change in business, self-knowledge, deep listening, precise observation, dialogue, and practices for creating institutional innovations that generate wellbeing in society.

Time/ Effort: 14 weeks (4 to 6 hours per week).

For: Product managers of all experience levels as this is for soft skills development.

Includes: Top lecturers from MIT, leading professionals from the Presencing Institute, self-paced learning, live sessions, and a verified certificate on completion.

Offered by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Price: Free or 85 EUR for a certificate.

MIT instructors of the u.lab: leading from the emerging future online product management course offered on edX

These are some of the current instructors (2020) of the u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future course.

Product Management Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Building and Managing Signature Products

Aim: To learn how to build and manage disruptive, on-brand products.

What you’ll learn: Building an organizational model that helps different teams work together to create an effective brand, how to align your goals with public wellbeing, the importance of listening to consumer demand, and the core principles Netflix uses to refine its user experience, color naming and consistency.

Time/Effort: This is a very quick, bite-sized course—less than 40 minutes long!

For: Product managers of all levels.

Includes: Expert insight from top business leaders from Google, SeatGeek, and Netflix; and a shareable certificate.

Price: Free one-month trial period.

Nir Eyal on Creating Habit-Forming Products

Aim: To learn how to design for habit.

What you’ll learn: How to use products to change people’s behavior including creating the hook, manufacturing desire with triggers, actions, and rewards.

Time/Effort: This is another bite-sized course—only 30 minutes!

For: Product managers of all levels.

Includes: Teaching from the Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nir Nyal, Q&A section.

Price: Free!

Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap

Aim: To learn the steps needed to create a product roadmap from inception to implementation (exactly as the name of the course suggests ????).

What you’ll learn: Roadmap definition and purposes, why roadmaps fail, selecting your stakeholders, customer research, building the strawman, and evangelizing and maintaining the roadmap.

Time/Effort: And another “pocket-sized” course—less than 50 minutes long!

For: Entry-level PMs or product team members wanting to know more about the product roadmap.

Includes: Approved course by the Project Management Institute, Q&A section, exercises, downloadable resources, and a shareable certificate.

Price: Free!

Product Management: Customer Development

Aim: To learn how to leverage the customer development process to validate your assumptions and create products your customers love.

What you’ll learn: Crafting your own problem hypothesis, performing user research, creating surveys and analyzing their results, and conducting user interviews.

Time/Effort: Like the others, super short! Just 1 hour.

For: PMs new to the field.

Includes: Chapter quizzes, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Price: Free one-month trial period. You can also purchase it for just over 20 EUR.

Product Management First Steps

Aim: To gain a comprehensive overview of product management and the six stages of the product life cycle.

What you’ll learn: Types of products, leadership, agile and waterfall development cycles, management of the product life cycle, developing a research plan, pitching your product idea to the customer, defining product sprints, testing your product with users, positioning your product, evaluating product usage analytics, and using NPS, knowing when it’s time to retire a product. 

Time/Effort: Just 1.5 hours.

For: PMs new to the field (beginner) or anyone working closely with the product team.

Includes: Quick crash course, chapter quizzes, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Price: Free one-month trial period. You can also purchase it for just under 20 EUR.video still of the online product management course, product management first steps: bBecome a product manager on linkedin learningProduct Management First Steps instructor, Doug Winnie.

* If you’re looking for other bite-sized courses, check out Skill Share’s available courses related to product management.

Product Management Courses on Udacity

App Marketing by Google

Aim: To understand your potential user and to focus your product on your users’ needs, wants, and desires.

What you’ll learn: Strategy to identify your ideal user, defining and creating a targeted marketing plan, user segments, conducting competitive analysis, go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition, and social and email marketing.

Time/Effort: Approximately 2 weeks.

For: Intermediate (product managers wanting to improve their skills and learn more about their users and UX).

Includes: Teaching by industry professionals, a student support community, self-paced learning, and excellent content and interactive quizzes.

Price: Free!

Product Design

Aim: To help you materialize your ideas and transform them into a product you can build your business around. 

What you’ll learn: Product validation, conducting efficient user research, UI/UX practices, Google’s Design Sprint Process, setting metrics, and tools that can be used to monitor metrics.

Time/Effort: Approximately 2 months.

For: Entry-level product managers.

Includes: Content is taught by industry pros, self-paced learning, case studies; interviews with founders, product experts, and investors; interactive quizzes, and a student support community.

Price: Free!

Programing for Data Science

Aim: To learn the fundamental programming tools: Python, SQL, the command line, and git.

What you’ll learn: SQL fundamentals, how to use SQL to answer complex business problems, Python programming fundamentals such as data structures and variable loops. Learn to work with data using libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

For: Although designed for experienced analysts, this course can be super helpful to PMs who have some background knowledge in this field and want to augment their existing skill-set with in-demand programming skills.

Includes: Personalized and flexible learning plan, real-world projects from industry experts, access to student community, personal career coach and services, technical mentor support, interview preparations, and resume services. 

Price: 3 months access starts at 927 EUR. Option to pay-as-you-go for 359 EUR a month. Financial support is also available. 

Product Management Courses on Udemy

Udemy often offers massive discounts on courses, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy & Metrics

Aim: To learn the skills product managers use every day, as well as vision, strategy, and advanced metrics for product managers. `

What you’ll learn: The difference between vision and strategy, using a vision framework, aligning metrics with the overall business strategy, debugging metrics, designing a cohort analysis, the difference between a leading and lagging metric, using OKRs to track progress, recognizing cohort anomalies, and how to design and run a t-test on cohort data.

Time/ Effort: There are 37 lectures in total amounting to 5.5 hours of on-demand video. 

For: A basic understanding of product management is beneficial. Designed for anyone who wants to learn advanced product management techniques and for product managers and CEOs who want to improve their decision-making skills.

Includes: Inputs from product managers working at top tech firms, downloadable resources, case studies, a bonus section, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Cole Mercer, Even Kimbrell

Price: 109.99 EUR

Become a Product Manager – Learn the Skills & Get the Job

Aim: To understand the roles of a product manager in different types and sizes of companies and how the product life cycle applies to every product.

What you’ll learn: Skills that make up product management as a whole, understanding the product lifecyle, understanding and communicating customer pain, different types of customer interviews, using Balsamiq to create wireframes, applying the AARRR framework, understanding the difference between agile and waterfall development, software development concepts, and how to communicate effectively. You’ll also learn a sketch system called POP, how to build user personas, and how to create a product and feature roadmap.

Time/Effort: There are 144 lectures in total amounting to 13 hours of on-demand video. 

For: Anyone wanting to get into product management or wanting to transition into product management. Also good for product managers wanting to improve their skills and entrepreneurs who want to master the product development process.

Includes: Over 100 downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Cole Mercer, Even Kimbrell

Price: 149.99 EUR

New Manager’s Five-Week Success System: 25 days > Management

Aim: To succeed as a manager with important skills, actions, and behaviors.

What you’ll learn: Effective management and goal-setting skills, delegation and feedback, communication at a managerial level (negotiation, motivation, and conflict resolution), problem solving, time management, and how to deal with poor performance and staff development.

Time/Effort: There are 27 lectures in total amounting to 2.5 hours of on-demand video time.

For: New managers or anyone wanting to succeed in management

Includes: Downloadable resources, lifetime access, summary of the 100 ‘do this’ tips, bonus lecture, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Mike Clayton

Price: 99.99 EUR

online product management course outline of new manager’s 5-week success system offered on udemy, an MOOC platform
Outline of the course content for New Manager’s Five-Week Success System: 25 days > Management.

Performance Management for Managers

Aim: How to monitor and encourage the performance of employees in the workplace.

What you’ll learn: Supporting employees in creating and implementing goals, assessing and evaluating the performance of individuals, creating a plan that aligns employee goals with the company’s overall vision, and how to give constructive feedback.

Time/Effort: There are 39 lectures in total amounting to 1.5 hours of on-demand video.

For: Anyone looking to manage an individual or team’s performance successfully or anyone looking to boost engagement in the workplace.

Includes: Downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Life Progression Project, Lorraine Wiseman

Price: 109.99 EUR

Product Management A-Z: Excel as a PM & Build Great Products

Aim: To gain an overall and insightful overview of product management with practical case studies, live case hands-on exercises, and quizzes.

What you’ll learn: Understand the fundamentals of product management, conducting user research, understanding the principles behind designing an awesome product. Learn how to create wireframes, mockups, specs, and user stories. Understand technology and software development terminologies, define an MVP, develop a roadmap, understand agile methodologies, conduct design sprints and usability testing, and discover how to prepare for a product management interview.

Time/ Effort: There are 28 lectures in total amounting to 4.5 hours of on-demand video.

For: Anyone wanting to become a product manager or anyone wanting to transition into product domain. Also for current product managers and entrepreneurs wanting to learn and improve product development for their startup.

Includes: Inputs from product managers working at top tech firms, case studies, quizzes, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Vaibhav Gupta

Price: 79.99 EUR

Product Management: Building Great Products

Aim: To learn about design-led product management.

What you’ll learn: Identifying latent needs in qualitative research, speaking confidently about complex ideas, and critical thinking about what people want and need. 

Time/Effort: There are 8 lectures in total amounting to 1.5 hours of on-demand video.

For: Engineers, designers, product managers wanting to expand their knowledge to think about their job through a design lens, and business leaders.

Includes: Downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Jon Kolko

Price: 44.99 EUR

Product Management & Marketing: Personas

Aim: To build B2B personas for the enterprise.

What you’ll learn: How and why the B2B customer persona is crucial to your product positioning, messaging, and go-to-marketing plans. Expand your marketing experience, learn how to build critique, and discover how to collaborate with your colleagues.

Time/Effort: There are 19 lectures in total amounting to 2 hours on-demand video.

For: Product managers, product marketing managers, product engineering managers, product owners, marketing communication managers, and marcom managers.

Includes: Downloadable resources, assessments, quizzes, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Mike Gospe

Price: 19.99 EUR

Product Management 101

Aim: To become a more strategic product manager and have a greater impact on your company and products.

What you’ll learn: Best practices, including market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifestyle management.

Time/Effort: There are 67 lectures in total amounting to 5 hours on-demand video.

For: PMs with 0-5 years of experience who work with engineers.

Includes: Downloadable resources, practice activities, case studies, full lifetime access, bonus lecture, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Todd Birzer

Price: 19.99 EUR

The Complete Product Management Course

Aim: To learn the necessary skills, tools, and processes to become an excellent and successful product manager.

What you’ll learn: Core skills, ideation, market research, wireframing, prototyping, leadership, and how to identify weaknesses in your competitors. Learn how to become an agile product owner and how to use industry-standard tools like Pivotal Tracker, Axure, and Popplet.

Time/Effort: There are 87 lectures in total amounting to 5.5 hours on-demand video.

For: People transitioning into a product management career, junior product managers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn the process on how to build an excepetional product.

Includes: Examples from NASA, Google, Zappis, and Apple; downloadable resources, exercises, worksheets, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.

Created by: Charles Du

Price: 149.99 EUR

online product management course outline of the complete project management course on udemy
Outline of course content for The Complete Product Management Course.

Online Product Management Courses from Other Schools or Learning Platforms

Courses by Product Institute

Aim: Various, but Product Institute is designed to help you develop new skills, apply new frameworks, and develop in your career.

What you’ll learn: Depends on the course. Courses on offer include the foundations of product management, tech fundamentals, metrics, UX design fundamentals, and market research.

For: Product managers of all levels.

Includes: Self-paced learning, activities, quizzes, worksheets, access to tools and frameworks, video discussion sessions; Slack channel access for discussions, networking, and advice; final exam, and certificate of completion.

Price: Depends on the course, but starting price is around 1,000 USD. Discounts are available.

Courses by the 280 Group

Aim: Various, but courses are designed to teach you skills across the full product lifecycle; Agile, Scrum, and Digital Product Management; and team leadership. 

What you’ll learn: The product life cycle, various roles, key agile, scrum, and leadership concepts.

Time/Effort: Depends on the course. There are live online courses, self-study online courses, and in-person training options. A live online course can include 12 two-hour sessions plus homework each day. Self-study courses range from 15-20 hours in total. 

For: Current product managers or product marketing mangers (or anyone wanting to get into these professions).

Includes: Learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials, practice exams, and certification exams. 

Price: Depends on the course, starting price is 1,495 USD. 

Digital Product Management Certification

Aim: An online program in digital product management designed to teach you how to plan, develop, and deliver throughout the digital product lifecycle using lean, agile, and systems design thinking.

What you’ll learn: Product line planning, road mapping alternatives, definition and validation of MVP, alternative approaches for lean; agile, and waterfall development; creating a go-to-market strategy, and performance management. 

Time/Effort: The full sequence in Digital Product Management includes three online courses, with each course being approximately three hours online.

For: Anyone looking for an immersive program in product management.

Includes: A team of highly qualified trainers from Boston University, and a Questrom Digital Knowledge Badge upon course completion. 

Offered by: Boston University

Price: 75 USD per course with the Questrom Knowledge Badge, 25 USD without the badge.

Highbrow’s Intro to Product Management

Aim: To learn what product management is and isn’t (this course is a very short intro to product management).

What you’ll learn: The three core disciplines of product management, communication with users, technical understanding, trade-offs, metrics, strategy, and vision.

Time/Effort: 10 days (5 minutes reading per day).

For: Beginner’s course for those wanting to learn more about product management.

Includes: One lesson sent to your inbox each day for 10 days with a quiz at the end of every lesson. 

Price: You need to become a Highbrow member, but you have a free trial for 30 days. 

Learn Product Management by One Month

Aim: To gain an overview of the product development process.

What you’ll learn: The role and responsibilities of a PM; identifying risks, metrics, creating and validating product ideas; communication with customers, creating user flows, wire frames, and product documentation; prioritization skills.

Time/Effort: You guessed it … one month!

For: Anyone working closely with products, leaders wanting to figure out their team’s next move, and anyone who has just been promoted to a product manager position.

Includes: Hands-on crash courses, tools and strategies, lectures and projects with real-world applications, and product management certification.

Price: 199 USD (discounts available)

Machine Learning – Deep Learning & Computer Vision: An Introduction

Aim: To get an overview and introduction to Machine Learning.

What you’ll learn: Artificial neural networks, how to install python, and handwritten digit recognition.

Time/Effort: Self-paced (you have 12-months’ access from date of purchase).

For: Product managers who are interested in this field.

Includes: Flexible and self-paced learning, assignments, tutorials and materials from industry experts, 24/7 access to the learning portal, and a free e-certificate.

Offered by: Study365

Price: 39 GBP

Online Product Management Training by Tarigo

Aim: To learn about product management tools and techniques.

What you’ll learn: The Tarigo product management framework, understanding and defining the role of product management, best practices used in leading companies, and how to improve your work quality and speed.

Time/Effort: Training happens across 5 weekly modules, with each module divided into sessions.

For: Product managers of all levels.

Inlcudes: Immersive experience with a small group of participants, templates and checklists, post-training support, and certification (Tarigo and CPDSO accreditation).

Price: 399 GBP (for the UK course) and 499 USD (for the US course).

Product Management and Product Marketing for Technology-Based Products

Aim: To provide a thorough grounding in best practice covering all aspects of product management and product marketing for people working on technology-based products.

What you’ll learn:  The role and how it fits, customer and market analysis to understand what matters and your position, product strategy, developing propositions to better engage customers, business (investment) cases, pricing approaches and price setting, working with development to deliver what’s needed, better go-to-market and in-life product management to maximize product potential, improving your personal effectiveness.

Time/ Effort: 5 afternoons, approximately 25 hours.

For: Product managers with zero to 10 years of experience attend these public courses offered by Product Focus.

Includes: 9 learning modules delivered in a highly interactive style (breakout exercises working on templates, chat, polls, audio, webcam, etc.), post-training certification, 12 months access to online Toolbox containing tools, templates, checklists, how-to guides, videos, infographics, and journals.

Price: 1,690 USD (early-bird), 1,960 USD (full price).

Product Management by RMIT

Aim: To learn how to create value through scalable solutions and drive business success, as well as the skills needed to shift your focus on becoming a product-led business. 

What you’ll learn: Introduction to product management, product-market fit, market and competitor analysis, planning your product idea, design sprints, key technology skills, and future exploration on trends. 

Time/Effort: 8 weeks (5-8 hours per week).

For: Anyone wanting to drive success in a modern business (whether you’re a product manager or not!).

Includes: Self-paced learning, free access to Jira, industry mentors, webinars, expert content, interaction with peer, expert, and industry employers; and an RMIT certificate.

Price: 1,200 AUD

Product Management Certification by Product School

Aim: Varies depending on the certification course you take (for example, get your first product management job or move up the product management career ladder).

What you’ll learn: Depending on the course, you can learn how to build digital products from end-to-end, lead cross-functional teams, and bulletproof your resume. There is also opportunity to learn from other proven product leaders in a safe environment.

Time/Effort: Either 20 hours or 40 hours depending on the course.

For: There are 3 separate certificates on offer: Product Manager Certificate™,  Product Leader Certificate™,  and Product Executive Certificate™. Where you start depends on your current level of experience (entry-level right through to product managers with over 5 years experience).

Includes: Industry-recognized certificates, access to cutting-edge product tools like invision and miro, live online lectures, small classes, real time collaboration with instructors and peers, mentorship and career support from excellent product managers working at top Silicon Valley companies, and lifetime access to Product School events. Full and part-time courses are available. 

Price: Starts at 4,199 USD. Monthly payments available. 

product school's featured instructors from airbnb, google, apple, and instagram for their online product management courses
Some of Product School’s featured instructors. Other instructors are from top companies like Spotify, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix.

Product Management Certification Program on upGrad

Aim: To become a product manager and how to build a product roadmap.

What you’ll learn: How to build a product roadmap through user research, prototyping, product analysis, and more. You’ll also learn to work with tools like mixpanel, balsamiq, Google Analytics, and Jira. 

Time/Effort: 6 months (about 10-12 hours per week).

For: Project managers, project leads, technical managers, software developers, and marketing and sales professionals.

Includes: Over 200 hours of learning, workshops, live Q&A sessions, mock interviews with product experts, case studies and assignments, one-on-one mentorship from product experts, personalized resume-building exercise, and content access for 3 years.

Offered by: Duke Corporate Education

Price: 2499 USD or 6-month PayPal subscription at 540 USD per month. 

You can also check out upGrad for more courses offered by top global universities.

Product Management Courses by BrainStation

Aim: To learn how to become a product manager ????, including learning how to identify problems worth solving, developing a robust go-to-market strategy, and managing teams effectively. 

What you’ll learn: Identifying market opportunities and user needs, creating a comprehensive product launch including defining your MVP, positition, and pricing; and managing agile teams through gaining an understanding of Scrum and the Agile methodology.

For: Anyone wanting to transition into a product management role. 

Includes: Live online and exclusive guest lectures, panel discussion events, real-time feedback, opportunity to connect with peers, access to Synapse, BrainStation’s learning platform that provides content, quizzes, and resources; and a certificate. 

Price: On request. Scholarships and monthly payment plans are available.

Product Management University On-Demand

Aim: To start a career in product management, to advance your product management and marketing career, or simply to refresh your knowledge.

What you’ll learn: B2B best practices, hot to create can’t miss value targets for products, best practices for customer success and product success, product marketing skills, target markets and customer goals, understanding your customers, market segmentation, outcome-based personas, strategic priorities, creating value-themed roadmaps, creating product marketing roadmaps, and product positioning. 

Time/Effort: You can choose 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month plans. Each plan comes with 13 lessons. 

For: Anyone wanting to start a career in product management/ product marketing or for product managers wanting to enhance their skills and further their career.

Includes: Hands-on exercises, self-paced learning, and a certificate. 

Price: Subscriptions start at 249 USD.

The IoT Product Manager Certificate Program by Daniel Elizalde

Aim: To learn the skills to build, monetize, and scale an IoT product.

What you’ll learn: An in-depth look at the IoT Decision Framework, the IoT landscape, the building blocks of the IoT technology stack and how to leverage them for communication, defining the best UX for all users across the IoT technology stack, techniques to prioritize users and their needs, the privacy and legal constraints of data in IoT products, impactful IoT business models, how to work successfully with engineering, launching and operating a secure IoT product, and how to work with policy teams. 

Time/Effort: 7 online, self-study courses (about 7 weeks). 

For: Product managers working on an IoT product.

Includes: Self-paced learning, hands-on exercises, templates, access to Daniel’s IoT Decision Workbook and IoT Strategy Briefing, curated list of resources, lifetime access to courses, access to an exclusive PM community on Slack, and a certificate.

Price: 1195 USD. A payment plan option is available. 

Daniel Elizalde's IoT decision framework
The IoT Decision Framework, created by Daniel Elizalde, VP of IoT at Ericsson. Daniel also teaches IoT PM at Stanford University.

Your Future in Product Management

Becoming a successful product manager requires constant learning, and the greatest product managers are those who consistently learn and recognize the value in both personal and professional development. With so many online product management courses out there to choose from, we know it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we hope our list above will point you in the right direction!

Also, if you want to see what our very own product team has been up to, then check out our Userlane Announcements feature release. We’ve also got some truly awesome features in the pipeline, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog for updates ????.

As much as you, as a product manager, want to deliver the best product possible, your users still need to understand how to use it fully. And this all comes down to the user onboarding experience. Make sure your users unlock the full potential of your product by delivering a great user onboarding experience.  Download our UOX guide today.

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