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MAIN5 and Userlane Partnership Announcement

MAIN5 and Userlane Partnership Announcement

MAIN5 and Userlane Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Userlane and MAIN5

MAIN5 is a leading Management Consulting firm in Life Sciences focused on strategy, processes, and solution consulting in the regulated R&D – particularly in Regulatory Affairs, PV and Quality Management. The holistic approach, which places the primary focus on the route to the digital future and the involvement of people, is also used to implement complex visions and ideas for leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. 

MAIN5 strives to deliver comprehensive support to their customers, from vendor selection, implementation, to ongoing training and support for GxP relevant computerized systems. By partnering with Userlane, MAIN5 is expanding their capabilities in the realm of digital adoption and empowering their clients to navigate the complexities of digitization and cloud transformation. Userlane’s innovative platform brings them one step closer to their vision of revolutionizing traditional and laborious SOP and application training methods. 

“We are excited to introduce meaningful and role-based ‘just in time training’, replacing inefficient practices and driving efficient knowledge transfer within organizations.  Furthermore, we recognize the immense value of Userlane beyond training alone. Its functionality extends to live systems, providing users with real-time assistance when they need it most. This valuable tool enhances user experience and ensures seamless productivity within the digital environment.”
Sabine Gölden – Principal Consultant, MAIN5

With Userlane, MAIN5 is poised to deliver enhanced solutions and support to their joint clients, reinforcing their commitment to excellence in the life sciences industry. Together, MAIN5 and Userlane embrace the current and
future challenges of training and education in the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to a successful partnership that will propel our clients towards greater success in an increasingly digital world!

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