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G2 Fall 2022 Report Names Userlane Top Leader in DAP

G2 Fall 2022 Report Names Userlane Top Leader in DAP

The Userlane team strives to provide an efficient digital adoption solution to our community of customers with the goal to solidify their software investments and make the lives of their software users  easier and stress-free.

With our passion to drive a user-centric product, we could not contain our excitement as Userlane has been honoured as one of the Top Leaders in the Digital Adoption Platform and Client Onboarding categories in G2. The Userlane product also won 14 badges for the Fall 2022 report!

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, they help over “60 million people  yearly” make smarter software decisions that are all based on actual user reviews. The user reviews make the G2 awards noteworthy as we are hearing direct feedback from our fantastic customers! 

Thank you so much to all our customers, this was a team effort!


Here are a few badges we want to spotlight and are excited to be achieving again for the Fall 2022 report: 

Easiest To Use (Enterprise)

The ever-changing digital age can catch up to you, Userlane is happy to hear our digital adoption platform helps enterprise-grade customers and their employees work more effectively with new software technologies. Userlane runs on any web-based software application, offering no-code approach to its users, and stress-free content creation and maintenance. 

Easiest Setup (Enterprise)

Userlane is extra excited to be awarded this badge as our goal is to make it easier for our users to drive faster digital transformation initiatives. To meet the highest requirements of enterprises around the world, we provide implementation within less than 30 days, secure delivery, multiple hosting options and privacy-first architecture.

Best Support (Enterprise and Mid-Market)

Our team is dedicated to long-lasting partnership with our customers and understands that there are individual needs and milestones in each use case. Therefore, from the get-go, we help our customers design implementation plans, onboarding, training and adoption strategies to create seamless software experiences that will keep their software users coming back for more. It is extra rewarding to be given the “Best Support” badge in the Enterprise and Mid-Market segments, as the feedback is directly from our customers. 

Easiest To Do Business With (Mid-Market)

Userlaners were jumping for joy, once we heard we were given the “Easiest To Do Business With” badge for the Fall 2022 report. Our custom-tailored and user-centric approach drives us to create and continuously improve a solution to help businesses make their software rollouts simpler and faster. 

Check out what our customers have to say about Userlane on G2:

We have been using Userlane for almost two years and are always happy to implement the newest features. Big kudos to the Customer Support and Customer Success Team. If you need help, they help you almost instantly and provide easy-understandable solutions. I seldom worked with such a nice organization.


Felix Baumann, QA-Manager at Usercentrics

Check out our full list of awards Userlane has recieved in the Digital Adoption Platform Category:

  • Leader Fall 2022
  • Leader Europe Fall 2022
  • Easiest Setup (Enterprise)
  • Easiest To Use (Enterprise)
  • Best Support (Enterprise)
  • Best Support (Mid-Market)
  • Easiest To Do Business With (Mid-Market)
  • High Performer (Enterprise)

  • Rated #2 for Likelihood to Recommend
  • Rated #2 for Quality of Support
  • Rated #2 for Multi-Language Support
  • Rated #3 for Ease of Admin

All the hard work and team effort paid off, and we are so thankful to be acknowledged as market leaders in the G2 Fall Report within the Digital Adoption Platforms and Client Onboarding categories. Head to G2 to find out more about Userlane and our badges. 

A huge thank you to our customers and partners, these awards are dedicated to you! 

Userlane wants to continue helping businesses around the world to effectively adopt software technologies and provide their users with a seamless experience, with every in-app interaction. To find out how, read the ‘A best practice framework for Digital Adoption Platform implementation optimizing subject matter expert”’ report we’ve compiled together with EY experts. 

Want to learn more about Userlane and what all our happy customers are talking about, request a demo! 

New to Userlane? Take a step in your software adoption journey and join the pool of our happy customers.
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