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A year of big wins and new faces at Userlane

A year of big wins and new faces at Userlane

As we approach the end of 2021, we wanted to take stock and look back on all of the highs and lows of the year. The Userlane team has grown in size, as well as functionality and we want to celebrate the achievements of our Userlaners. 

We’ve rounded up some of the 2021 highlights from our different departments:

Co-founder & CEO – Hartmut Hahn

“After growing our company by more than 100% within the past 18 months, my highlight this year has been meeting many of our amazing new people for the first time in-person. While it is astonishing how fast and well adjusted we have become to working in a mostly remote environment, meeting people face-to-face is still something essential to me. After more than 1,000 Zoom meetings this year, just sitting down and having a cup of tea together really lifts my spirits. I am really looking forward to being able to meet with more of our employees, but also more of our customers in person again next year!”

Co-founder & CTO – Felix Eichler

“Achieving the ISO27001 certification, which confirms our commitment to providing secure products and services for our customers, was a huge highlight for me this year! Aside from that, bringing the whole team together on our team off-site where everyone got to know each other face-to-face, rather than through Zoom was fantastic. It was also great to launch our enterprise search feature that the team put a lot of hard work and innovative thinking into, revamping our analytics functionality, and taking part in webinars and speaking opportunities for the likes of DataGuard, and Edventure. A personal highlight for me was being featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list!” 

VP of Product – Luke Talbot

“Firstly, our Product and Design team grew from 6 to 14 throughout 2021, taking full advantage of our remote-first work policy to bring the best in the industry to Userlane to help us on our mission. The team worked really hard on launching our new analytics platform to create a highly scalable and intuitive analytics tool, and we introduced Enterprise Search, so users can effortlessly find content that already exists somewhere in the business. We’re also wrapping up a major milestone in our journey, and will be introducing Hints soon. Hints will provide simple, contextual nudges to your users so they always know what to do, where to go and how to learn in any application.”



VP of Marketing – Jessica Dahan

“A big highlight for me this year has been adding awesome talent to the marketing team and growing our capabilities, as well as building strong foundations for scalable success across all areas of the company. Being able to meet passionate colleagues, customers and partners in 2021 has also been fantastic.”

VP of Engineering – Roozbeh Farahbod

“We established a new Product and Engineering team focused on empowerment and autonomy, which has driven the launch of the new advanced analytics platform, the integration of 3rd party knowledge-base services, and many more new feature enhancements. Another highlight was setting up our first US datacenter to respect our customers’ data privacy concerns.”

Revenue Operations – Carlos Flores

“This past year has seen a lot of milestones, commencing with getting the RevOps team off the ground, and taking over Salesforce CRM and creating a support ticketing system in Jira to provide continuous guidance and support to our Salesforce users. On top of that, we also created a RevOps team that supported all areas of the business to empower them to do their best work.” 

Information Security Officer – Marina Hoffmann

“The ISO 27001 Certification was our biggest achievement this year and we are really proud to have the widely recognised and respected certification.”

Strategy & Business Operations – Wilma Mikschl

“This year we set up our UK Entity, and Userlane GmbH became the parent company. On top of that a highlight for me was meeting colleagues at the team off-site for the first time after working from home for so long! It’s been fantastic to see new talent join the company and hear their feedback after their first days / weeks / months; people love working at Userlane and they love the mentality, their teams, culture and spirit. Finally, we welcomed two new c-level members to the team to take Userlane to new heights.”



That’s a wrap for 2021! A huge thank you to every member of the team, our customers, and our partners for creating and supporting the growth and success of Userlane this year. 2022, here we come.


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