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12 Days of Userlane Features

12 Days of Userlane Features

Every month this year, Userlaners worked hard to release features that will help bring a more fun and efficient atmosphere for our users’. 

In honour of the holiday season, we have dedicated a song to our top 12 feature releases in 2022! 

1. On the first day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

New Editing experience via Vertically Aligned Editor

Vertically aligned editor has brought a new enjoyable and fast editing experience for all our users. The content editor is now intuitively displayed along the left-hand of the screen, which allows users to create content more efficiently, preview specific changes before saving, organize, search for, and manage more guides and steps.

2. On the second day of Christmas Userlane released to me,


With Tooltips you can add valuable information to an element in your application, which is displayed at the moment a user hovers over the element. You can also position a permanently visible icon to highlight that a Tooltip is available. Simply go to your Editor, and locate Tooltips in the lefthand navigation bar, or click the arrow next to create and choose Tooltips.


3. On the third day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

Avatar Mobility for the Assistant

Userlane constantly works on delivering a user-friendly product for you and your users. With the released avatar mobility feature, your users can simply drag the Assistant avatar to one of the six suggested locations and drop it where they desire in your software application. Avatar mobility ensures the Assistant does not block any important information or elements.


4. On the fourth day of Christmas Userlane released to me, 

Sharepoint Integration 

Your Userlane solution can easily be integrated with Sharepoint, making collaboration and sharing internal knowledge faster. The integration allows users to quickly search and read through Sharepoint content directly in Userlane Assistant without disrupting their workflow. 

Userlane integrations


5. On the fifth day of Christmas Userlane released to me, 

Cross- Origin iFrames 

As we live in a fast-paced world, we want to launch features that support this. Earlier this year we added Cross-Origin iFrame support within the Userlane Browser Extension. 

What does that mean? Some web applications use iFrames to take content from other sources, which is called “Cross-Origin iFrame”. This will support our users to create content around any application element on the screen. 

Userlane iframe


6. On the sixth day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

User Profile Updates via SSO 

With so many different technologies, we wanted to ensure our platform is tailored to our users’ needs. We implemented Single-Sign-On (SSO) to help update your users’ profiles and ensure they see content only relevant to them. The SSO update automatically shows any changes to the user profile within the Userlane platform.

Userlane SSO


7. On the seventh day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

Faster Content Creation with Drag and Drop 

Content creation shouldn’t be difficult and we constantly improve our features to offer a seamless experience for our users. With the introduction of the drag and drop feature, it makes our users’ lives simpler by being able to rearrange steps for your Guides in the Editor to make quick and efficient changes. 

Drag and drop userlane


8. On the eighth day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

Instant User Feedback via NPS

We understand receiving users’ feedback and understanding their needs is a priority for any organization. Userlane has made it one step easier by enabling the Net Promoter Score (NPS) directly within the underlying software application. Launching surveys and collecting user feedback has never been easier! Simply set up and automate your NPS feedback within the app to gain valuable qualitative insights.

NPS Analytics


9. On the ninth day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

The magic of EAR metric (Engagement, AdoptionRetention)

We were thrilled to announce our newest analytics capabilities that provide more in-depth insights on engagement, adoption and retention (EAR metric)  of your software application. 

Implementing Adoption insights track how many users are visiting your application, along with Retention metrics that can measure the usage of your application, engagement metrics highlight the user’s involvement with the application by tracking how many engaged sessions they had.

Userlane software adoption metrics


10. On the tenth day of Christmas Userlane released to me,

Application Specific Access Rights

Once companies discover how Userlane drives adoption for one application, they often add more business applications. 

To make it a little easier we have updated the way access rights can be managed for the different applications managed through Userlane. This enables seamless content management by limiting contributors and moderators to relevant applications within a company. 

Userlane specific access rights


11. On the eleventh day of Christmas Userlane released to me, 

A celebration of Language Handling

With employees from all over the world, Userlane understands the importance of creating content in different languages. We have launched features to make our users’ life simpler when it comes to translations. 

From Tooltips, where we introduced the ability to include different languages, to improving our text export/import functionality to a higher level of automation when it comes to populating info boxes across guide steps for different languages.

Tooltips translation Userlane


12. On the twelfth day of Christmas Userlane release to me,

Guide Step Analytics

We want to ensure our users have the right metrics on every step of their Userlane journey. Step details provide insights into each of your Guide steps to help you understand exit points and errors. First, select the time range that you want to analyze and apply any filters to narrow down the user group you are interested in.

Userlane steps analytics

Our Userlane team strives to provide our customers with seamless and effective software experiences, with our features we want to ensure our users’  lives are a little bit easier, more fun and more efficient. 

Always stay up to date! Visit our product roadmap to see all the features we have already released this year, and what’s to come. See something you like? Decide how important it is to you. Missing something? Hit the “Submit idea” button and add it to our backlog. 

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