Userlane Digital Talk – Best practices for accelerating innovation


With Daniel Thulfaut, Head of Innovation Lab at Interactive Pioneers, and Felix Brehmer, Digital Adoption Expert at Userlane

What does it take to be truly innovative?

The journey to innovation does not come without its challenges and setbacks.

Often referred to as an overused buzzword, the meaning of innovation has been convoluted and left many scratching their heads as to how to be actively innovative in their nature. 

In this Digital Talk episode, we look towards big businesses like Tesla and their introduction of ‘cool’ technology that does not solve the real world problem of their customer, as well as how to achieve a culture of innovation within your business. 

Watch the 30 minute interview now for best practice guidance from Daniel Thulfaut, Head of Innovation at Interactive Pioneers, who has worked with the likes of Porsche, Continental and DHL. 

Listen to the full episode here:


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