Userlane Digital Talk – Bridging the data skills gap


With Leo Marose, CEO at Stackfuel, and Felix Brehmer, Digital Adoption Expert at Userlane

Does everyone need data skills now?

The continuous uptake of Artificial Intelligence & Automation is changing the business world for good. 

The European Commission predicts that soon enough 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. Yet, 44% of Europeans between 16 and 74 years do not have basic digital skills. 

What does this mean for businesses? A lack of data skills in your business can prevent you from leveraging the full potential of data according to Leo Marose, CEO & Co-Founder of Stackfuel, who offer an innovative learning platform for data training. 

To reap the benefits of data for your business, there is a real requirement to ensure your employees are enabled to collect, process and analyse data. 

Watch the 30 minute interview with Leo now to hear more about bridging the data skills gap in your company:


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