Packaging solutions supplier achieves a 15% increase in active users

MULTIVAC successfully enhances user experience of their customer portal with interactive guides to drive engagement, and reduce support requests.

increase in active users
myMULTIVAC users onboarded
Userlane accompanied us throughout the implementation and made it very easy for us. Even after the implementation, they supported us with very quick response times and proactively got in touch to offer support.
by Project Owner, myMULTIVAC

The customer challenge

MULTIVAC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated packaging solutions for food, life science & healthcare products as well as industrial items. Their customer portal, myMULTIVAC, provides customers with a real-time view of their machines performance, access to their Smart Services (IoT applications), and customers can order spare parts and consumables for their MULTIVAC machines quickly and easily.

The customer portal was being replaced with a more modern solution that offered a much greater range of functionality. To streamline the transition for users, of which there were around 8,000, and to familiarize them with myMULTIVAC as quickly as possible, MULTIVAC needed a solution that would demonstrate the central functions directly in the application, as well as relieve their customer support staff. Through a good user experience and with the help of Userlane, they also wanted to increase the number of active users.

How we helped

Working with the Userlane team, initially MULTIVAC quickly and easily set up a test environment with interactive guides. Working with colleagues who had not used myMULTIVAC previously, they were able to test and optimize the user experience before launching to all users.

With Userlane, MULTIVAC managed to achieve all the goals they set out to. The transition to the new customer portal was much easier for existing users and the onboarding of new users was faster and more efficient.

This allowed the key-users (support staff) in the subsidiaries to focus on the continuous optimization and further development of myMULTIVAC with the goal to offer customers even more useful added value.

The results 

Following the relaunch of the new customer portal, MULTIVAC achieved the following results:

  • 15% increase in active users

The improved user experience led to an increase in the number of active users by 15%, compared to the old customer portal.

  • Reduction in support requests

Feedback from subsidiaries highlighted a huge reduction in the number of support requests from users of the new customer portal.

Userlane was very well received not only by our customer users, but also by our internal users. That is why my colleagues decided to also implement Userlane in our MULTIVAC Smart Services.
by Project Owner, myMULTIVAC

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