Europe’s first digital freight forwarder boosts conversions by 10%

Using Userlane’s interactive guides, Forto were able to create an optimal user experience for customers, and in-turn increase conversion rates.

reduction in user onboarding time
increase in conversion rate
What's exciting is that in addition to using Userlane for the onboarding of our e-commerce customers, we can find many different applications for the tool. As an example, we used feature announcements, which were used to introduce the redesign of our Forto platform.
by Product Manager, Forto

The customer challenge

As Europe’s first digital freight forwarder, customers can make online bookings and manage global shipments with Forto’s software platform. Providing them with a clear overview of logistics operations and real-time insights, customers can optimize their supply chain end-to-end.

Forto account managers were typically spending around 30 minutes onboarding each of their customers, while also having to answer repetitive questions. With a rapidly growing customer base, it was clear to Forto that this approach was no longer scalable and wasn’t giving their customers an optimal customer service and experience.

The challenge was to streamline customer onboarding and make it more scalable while still maintaining all the aspects of an outstanding high-touch onboarding experience.

How we helped

Forto decided to implement Userlane with the following goals in mind:

  • Increase the conversion rate from sign up to quote request of their e-commerce (online sellers) customer segment
  • Reduce the overall time spent on onboarding individual users
  • Give customers an improved and more streamlined user experience
  • Ensure that using the platform requires minimal effort

Thanks to Userlane’s interactive guidance, which decreases time-to-value and significantly improves the user onboarding experience, Forto managed to achieve their goals. When comparing user groups who were onboarded via Userlane to those who were not, Forto saw a marked difference in the conversion rates from sign up to quote request within its customer base.

The results 

After implementing Userlane, Forto witnessed the following results:

  • 33% reduction in user onboarding time

Without having to regularly update onboarding material, and spend one-on-one time with customers, Forto were able to drive down the time it takes to onboard users.

  • 10% increase in conversion rate for sign up to quote requests

They increased their conversion rate from 81% to 91% by providing a streamlined user experience of their software.

Given the very positive results, the team decided to implement Userlane at a larger scale to streamline their onboarding processes for all their customers. Customer-facing teams at Forto are now creating even more specific interactive guides in order to tailor the experience further to meet their customers’ needs.

Forto was also a Userlane beta customer for Userlane’s new promotions feature, which they now use successfully within their platform.

We are disrupting an industry where people are not always proficient with technology, and making them use a software application where there was none before can be very difficult.
by Innovation & Technology Manager, Forto

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