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A nationwide energy supplier enables digital learning.

While implementing a new HCM application, Workday, Userlane helped a nationwide energy supplier ensure quick employee onboarding, higher team productivity and greatly reduced the number of support queries.

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Userlane is a brilliant learning tool. It makes it easier for people to adopt new technologies and adapt to a new digital mindset. Our employees tend to work with Userlane a lot; it helps them, and in turn this helps us as an organization. Userlane's solution is an absolute asset in times where companies like ours have to reinvent themselves. Investing in Userlane for us is money well-spent, because it’s spent on people, and employee happiness is priceless!
by Human Resources, Communications

The customer challenge

Being one of the ten largest energy suppliers in Germany and serving an extensive base of private and corporate customers, the company provides over one million people with electricity, heat, natural gas and drinking water.

With the multi-generational workforce at the forefront of digital transformation and cultural change in the scene of a global pandemic, the leadership team of the group quickly realized that internal communication and new ways of approaching employee learning was an essential part of driving a digital-based work ethic. While introducing a new Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, Workday, across the entire organization, it became evident that there was a need for a system within Workday that would guide and help employees adopt the new application quickly and efficiently.

How we helped

While migrating paperwork to a digitally supported environment, i.e. employee payslips, taxes, holiday requests, playbook for key accounts in HR, etc., the group needed to build a seamless employee experience, facilitate e-learning and create a sustainable system to recruit and onboard new employees.

Userlane has become an integral part of their successful Workday rollout and helped tackle the following challenges:

Overcoming fear to work with the new tool

The implementation of a new software can be overwhelming, it’s about people accepting the change and adopting new processes. Userlane helped build an intuitive experience in Workday that walked each employee through new processes at their own pace, and gave them a sense of security and comfort.

Ensuring efficient remote onboarding

Creating a digital-ready culture is an essential building block for successful change initiatives. During the transition to Workday, Userlane served as a virtual assistant, streamlining employee onboarding and making sure every employee had all necessary information at their fingertips.

Reducing support queries

To automate process guidance and ensure minimum traffic on the helpline, the Workday implementation team could better focus on high-priority requests instead of dealing with redundant questions and time-consuming support requests.

The results 

Following the success of Userlane on Workday for the leadership team of the group, it was decided to expand the use of Userlane across the entire organization.

  • 44% user engagement in the first months

Userlane helped users across the organization get quickly up-to-speed with Workday so employees accessed it on a regular basis. Userlane has actively contributed to the organization’s change management initiative and digitalization strategy by driving quick and efficient adoption of the Workday application. As a result of the partnership, the enablement focus shifted away from classroom training to interactive guides.

  • 3,000 onboarded users

Wherever employees were around the world, Userlane provided real-time training which boosted employee productivity. The upskilling was much more efficient and cost-effective than traditional learning as employees carried out the tasks in the Workday system as they learned at their own pace.

Within Workday, our employees found new help – Userlane. With Userlane, we ensure that our employees are not alone, learning is not just easy but also fun, and more importantly, help is always present, and this is rather comforting.
by Human Resources, Communications

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