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Userlane - software usage simplified

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Why software adoption is crucial

If your users don’t utilize a significant part of your software, its value will not be realized, and your users will look for alternative ways to get work done.

No perceived value

If people don’t know how to use your application, they are likely to look for alternatives.

Information overload

With a million new things to keep track of, it is hard for people to keep pace with changes.

Change resistance

People tend to prefer the status quo and are hesitant to try new functionality.

How to overcome challenges

Highlight key functionality

Show your users how to get work done in real-time and offer intuitive guidance. Help people understand key features and realize the true value of your products.

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Cut through the noise

Grab your users’ attention by announcing releases, promoting new features and giving frequent updates on the latest improvements directly in your application. Target your announcements to specific audiences to optimally engage specific user groups.

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Analyze and improve

Discover which features users love and find out where they are getting stuck. Use this information to optimize your users’ in-app experience and guide them towards functionality that might make a significant difference to them.

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Userlane - software usage simplified

How you can increase the ROI of your software investments

Investing and rolling out new software is one of the many responsibilities that CIOs must manage. The complex task comes with challenges however, and getting employees to use the software effectively and efficiently is critical in securing ROI. 

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What you can expect

icon Higher software satisfaction

Higher software satisfaction

Better define your user journeys through each important touchpoint in your application and deliver desired outcomes.

icon Higher interaction rates

Higher interaction rates

Help your users exploit the full value of your software with every in-app interaction so they want to return to it.

icon Faster software adoption

Faster software adoption

Enable your users to grasp your software within minutes and accelerate its impact on your users’ outcomes.

Userlane - software usage simplified

Userlane in action

See how Userlane creates a delightful software experience on Wikipedia.


“The ease of implementing Userlane and creating tours allows Foleon to structure user guidance in a way that is personalized, efficient, effective.”
increase in trial-to-paid conversion rate
decrease in time-to-value
faster onboarding

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